You know what the truly crazy thing about all of this is?

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    You know what the truly crazy thing about all of this is?

    LeBron melted. When it mattered most, he turned into a puddle of goo. Just like I knew he would. Just like I predicted he would. Just like he always did in Cleveland. He is the Peyton Manning of the NBA. A human anchor. He tried to hide behind Wade and Bosh. And even that didn't work. He is a loser.

    The only suprising thing that came out of this year's playoffs is that Dallas may have laid out a blueprint for the rest of the league. I always said LeBron was a good player. There is nobody in the league that is better  at just using brute force to drive to the basket and bowl through people like a human bowling ball. I just thought he was overrated. That he didn't deserve to be in that upper echelon of stars. For a number of reasons. But I didn't understand just how overrated he really was. It turns out,if you take the drive away from him, and force him to shoot (which he isn't particuarly good at) he is a very mediocre player.
    But that's not what is so amazing about this situation. The Heat will make a few minor tweaks. Or maybe even major one- like trading Bosh. If they were smart, they would try to find a sucker that would give them something attractive for James. Either way, they will come back next year, win 50-60 games and finish in the top 4 seeds in the Eastern Conference. And LeBron soiling himself on the biggest stage in basketball? It will be like it never happened. He will be in MVP contention. People will be spewing insanity like comparing him to Jordan and talking about how unstoppable the Heat are and how they are going to win 5 titles. They will act like what happened this year was all a dream. Just like they forgot his career in Cleveland. The Heat are already the favorites in Vegas!

    Not to take anything away from Dallas, but it's not like they are the 86 Celtics. And look at the cakewalk the Heat had to the Finals. They played the Sixers- essentially a free pass to the next round. Just like the Knicks were for the Celtics. They played the C's who were old, tired, injured and missing their starting center. They played the Bulls. A flawed team that revolved around one guy. If Rose wasn't playing well that team couldn't score. And as it turns out, the Bulls defense was a little overrated. So excuse me if I'm not exactly impressed with Miami's season. But none of that will matter.

    I know it sounds crazy right now. But mark my words: By the time next year's playoffs roll around the media will have their head stuck right up LeBron's butt again. They never learn.
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    Re: You know what the truly crazy thing about all of this is?

    if they were smart, they would trade lebron. he and wade are nearly the same player.. both need the ball in their hands, but at least wade is clutch.
    trade lebron, not bosh.
    for as much of a pansy as bosh is, he played pretty damn well in the playoffs for miami... and far outplayed lebron in the finals
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