Here is what the Globe sports page should be capable of writing:

"Season breakdown & prediction

In a nutshell It’s been a steep slide down for Boston College: once an A.C.C. contender, then a pretender, now an afterthought. And make no mistake: B.C. is no more an A.C.C. title contender than is Duke, and like the Blue Devils, will need to turn over an entirely new leaf to reverse the losing and negative culture that has pervaded the program over the last two or three seasons. Everything has fallen apart. The offense lacks any punch. The defense has turned porous. The program lacks any sense of urgency. Consistency, once the bedrock of this program, for better or worse, has left the building. For more than a decade, you’d scramble for reasons why B.C. wouldn’t win at least eight games – you’d rack your brain thinking of reasons why the Eagles couldn’t maintain their pace. Today, you can’t think of one good reason why this team will do anything more than take another step back after last season’s step back, which followed a step back in 2010, which followed a step back in 2009. B.C. has another new offensive coordinator, even if I think Martin is the best one Spaziani has hired yet; lacks play-making skill players; has some issues along the offensive line, which is new; can’t get to the quarterback; has severe concerns in the secondary; and lost the finest defensive player in school history. There are serious issues here, but they pale in comparison to the issues plaguing the program as a whole. B.C. went stale a year ago; now the current leadership is well past its expiration date. It’s decision time for B.C., which can no longer plug along and pretend it’s not raining. It’s time for the university to make some changes."