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    BC vs UMASS

    I received my season tickets a few days ago, and that is a surprise, generally
    I have to call and see if they were mailed from ARK.

    Yesterday, I received a missive in the mail telling me that I could buy tickets
    to the BC-UMASS game for an additonal $32.50 per ticket.  Since it is a
    doubleheader that also includes Drexal-Northeastern in the opening game.

    What bothers me is the $15.00 shipping and handling charge. 

    BC thinks they are big time, and they are going to sell out the garden, I think not!

    I have been a season ticket holder since the inception of the Big East, and
    have enjoyed many a game at Roberts Center, and Flutie Forum.

    I can remember years ago they had a college double header at the old Garden
    on Dec 2, 1984, with BC playing Wake Forest, and B.U. vs North Carolina and
    they had approx 3,000 in attendance.

    I will take my chances which I think will be good, and buy tickets at the

    All I can think of is that some student stuffing the envelopes and putting
    a 44 cent stamp, not a bad profit.

    I wish the team the best of luck and also their new coach in the upcoming
    season.  The problem lies with Gene, he is not AD but a COF and looking to
    get every dollor that he can out of the fans. 

    Just remember BC means "BRING CASH"!!!

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    Re: BC vs UMASS

    The game at the Garden is technically a home game for UMass. The series was played at the Forum last season, so it would have been at the Mullins this year.

    With Al Skinner gone I doubt the series will continue. The BC game is the only one that comes remotely close to selling out the Mullins and the Eagles had a scare the last time they were there against a bad UMass team. Stevie D wanted the game at the Garden so UMass' home game is just up the Green Line from BC. I guarentee 3/4 of the arena is in Maroon and Gold. Plus the Garden is happy not to have a half empty arena in an attempt to "expand the fanbase".

    I'm not too happy the game is at the Garden either. The BC game was the only one I was remotely interesting in seeing. With the door to the Big East closed for good Rider, IUPUI, and Central Connecticut will be fixtures on the home schedule for a while. We'll be lucky to draw 3000.

    Guess I'll gas up the truck and drive down to Storrs.
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    Re: BC vs UMASS

    Stop "bellyaching" about BC prices. I am a BC alum from years (Lots of years) past and live in RI. So, whenever the basketball or hockey team play in this neighborhood, my wife and I attend. I purchased two tickets to the BC/URI basketball game on Dec 29th. Guess what guys--URI charged me $35 apiece..I know that is a bit more than BC's charges on a per game basis, because I also purchased a couple for a game on the campus at BC....
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    Re: BC vs UMASS

    Actually the UMass guys wanted the game in Boston because they strongly believe that as they get better and better, two very strong recruiting classes and a third on the way, they want a statewide/New Englandwide exposure.  I for one believe that they will get there.
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    Re: BC vs UMASS

    Unfortunately, I will be at Conte Forum for BU vs. BC.
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    Re: BC vs UMASS

    Looking forward to seeing this game in Boston and for Children's Hospital to benefit! They deserve it!
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    Re: BC vs UMASS

    I think it is an indicator that a Basketball beanpot in Boston is going to happen in the future. The Hockey Tournament does pretty good. Why not put four Mass teams in the Garden for a two night tournament??? UMASS, BU, BC and NU have a lot of graduates and current students.

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    Re: BC vs UMASS

     UMass a 7 point favorite
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    Re: BC vs UMASS

    UMass wins big in their first big matchup of the season. 
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    Re: BC vs UMASS

    Both teams are terrible as it personifies Boston's collegiate sports ... second rate. Certainly, Duke would have a field day with this collection junior vasrsity trolls ...