Michigan HC

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    Re: Michigan HC

    ProvPats -

    Use LP logic.

    By definition, any coach BC hires is not "big name".

    By definition, any coach Michigan hires is "big name".

    Hoke was hired by Michigan.

    Ergo Hoke is a big name coach.

    Don't try to blow up his brain by showing that most "big name" coaches don't swtich jobs once they have settled somewhere. (Saban and a handful of others being an exeception).
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    Re: Michigan HC

    In Response to Michigan HC:
    why can't they hire a top notch coach?  They get a guy from SDSU with a 13-12 record (MWC non-BCS conference) with a 7-9 conference record.  Previous HC experience at Ball State (34-38). You would have thought an SEC or Big 10 coach would have salivated for that job.   Miles said no; how about Ferentz? Hill? Is it the AD?  the environment?  Just bad luck?  Guess sometimes even premier schools cannot attract the top talent.
    Posted by provpats

    Brady Hoke is a Michigan Man. It's his job to mold Michigan Men into Michigan Men. Michigan only wants a Michigan Man who played as a Michigan Man and knows how to deal with fellow Michigan Men at Michigan. RichRod was not a Michigan Man, hence why he failed at Michigan.