The key to tonights game is rebounding and figuring out a way to not get killed down low.

Napier and Boatright will be just fine vs. the Harrison's imo and can score on them and defend them well as they have every other good guard combo they have faced this season. Harrisons arent anything special. they both get cold easily and make stupid mistakes. one of them is just clutch, thats all. yes they have length so did UF's guards. Napier and Boatright will defend and hopefully they are hitting their shots.

My worry is matching up with the 3,4 and 5.

I don't really like Giffey on Young mainly because an athletic Prather who cant even shoot, scored 14 on Giffey saturday. Young can hit the deep ball but is just as dangerous on the drive. Thats a bad matchup for us.

Then, the X-Factor, DeAndre Daniels will seemingly have to cover Julius "Tank" Randle... One is a 6'9 beast, the other a 6'9 stretch PF... If Daniels plays Randle he can eaily get into foul trouble which pretty much turns UConn's offense into just guard play.. He needs to stay outof foul trouble. Same with Brimah and Nolan. Dakari Johnson, Alex Poythress, or that Lee kid can all ball too and they are threats inside which can easily put Uconn's weak frontcourt in trouble.

I expect Ollie to draw up the same defensive scheme as they did vs. Michigan St vs. Payne.. The moment he touches the ball in the post you double and force someone else to make the play. This way Daniels avoids foul issues and Randle cant take off.

Napier and Boatright also do a great job of forcing the issue on offense which gets the opposing guards to pick up cheap fouls. Napier/Boat have gotten Keith Appling and KAsey Hill in foul trouble by being aggressive with the rock.. they need to do that bcz outside of the Harrison boys UK doesnt have much depth at G. all their depth is at PF/C.. get the G's in foul trouble by attacking and you take an advantage.

A huge X-Factor on offense tonight needs to be either Neils Giffey or Brimah.... Giffey was hitting his shot earlier in the tourney and all season which leads to a potent offense when Boat/Napier are attacking. He's been cold in the elite 8 and final 4 but if he can hit those big open 3's he gets its huge. IF not him then Brimah needs to play big. No foul trouble and scrore 10-12 would be amazing. They cant rely on Daniels to be hot again or even Boat.. They can always rely on Napier though.

Gonna be a real toguh matchup.. Need to hit open shots tonight and make the most of every possesion.. Good thing is we have two great game managers in Boat/Napier who run the offense down and get good looks constantly..

Napier needs to look to shoot early and often. he likes to pass too much imo and his teammates F up.. find your shot/attack early and pressure UK.

Go Huskies