The agony of Sailman2

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    The agony of Sailman2

    To: The Poster know as Sailman2


    I see you trying to post every few days or so. You have been doing this for a few months as far as I can tell.

    As you have probably noticed by now, your abiltiy to post seems to be blocked. The system recognizes you when you try to post as the thread gets updated as "last updated by Sailman2" but when you click on the thread...there is nothing there.

    As this has been going on for months, I am wondering why you continue to try to post when you clearly cannot.

    Please use this thread to explain what you are thinking. Are you just hoping that one day you will login and your suspention will somehow be lifted?

    Oh, can't post, can you?

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    Re: The agony of Sailman2

    can you imagine what sailman must have done to have this penalty enforced here?  A place they allow cretins like whr, postingdink, woof woof and 82nd groundhog to remain