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Umass Athletics

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    Umass Athletics


    Umass basketball has some talent and a great coach - possibly playing two top 25 teams who are in the A-10 at home in the Mullins Center. I am hoping to see them in the tournament this year.

    Umass football is going to division 1, playing home games at Gilette next year, and with a new coach!

    Umass hockey has a game at Fenway in January!

    Go... Go U... Go U-Mass... Go UMASS!

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    Re: Umass Athletics

    For basketball I'm slightly optimistic. I feel they're 6-2 because of a weak schedule. They'll lose to Xavier, Temple, and Saint Louis, but they should beat the bottom half of the conference. They won't make the tournament for the 13th straight year, but it's improvement.

    For football I'd like to see them make a run at Turner Gill. He's won in the MAC.
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    Re: Umass Athletics

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    6-3 as I write, and absolutely it's thanks to a weak schedule.  Still, they have improved over anything else that Kellogg has done so far.  I'm not convinced he's the guy for the job, but he'll get at  least one more year, thanks to Chaz Williams.  If they continue to improve then the NIT wouldn't be out of the question,  but Kellogg teams have shown absolutely no improvement as the season progresses, just the opposite in fact. I've never been to a UMass hockey game, but I hear that's the best way to spend a couple of hours watching athletics in the Pioneer Valley in the Winter these days, having passed BB a few years back. I'm too busy skiing to get out there to see anything but 1 or 2 BB games.  Last year I didn't even do that. The move to D1 Football is going to turn out to be a huge mistake I'm afraid.  They'd have to bleed money they don't have, for a number of years, before it would come close to paying off.  Don't see the patience required anywhere, not by the fans or the School. Lacrosse remains the brightest light in the UMass Sports world.  A couple of the women's teams also do very well, but nobody watches.  When the weather's right you'll get a nice partying crowd for LAX that can't be beat.
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    I have a niece who attends UMass. The two sports she's attended the most by far? Hockey and lacrosse. Hockey does have a few things going for it. The Minutemen play in a New England-centric league, on campus forever, almost exclusively on Friday and Saturday nights and against established opponents like BU, BC, Maine, etc., that attract crowds, home and visiting.
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    Re: Umass Athletics

    UMass will get $900,000 thanks to Northern Illinois. And you all said joining the MAC would be a mistake.

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    Re: Umass Athletics

    and, where's Buffoon College going nowhere.. a total disgrace!