Ford Hall Forum at Suffolk University presents “Gray Matters: Brain Injury in Sports” with Taylor Twellman and Christopher Nowinski; moderated by Bob Lobel. Thursday, September 27, 6:30-8 pm. Admission is free and open to all. C. Walsh Theatre at Suffolk University, 55 Temple Street, Boston, MA. Wheelchair accessible and conveniently located near the Park St. MBTA Station. For more information, call the Ford Hall Forum at 617-557-2007 or visit

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) in professional sports has made the headlines this year, but has been problematic for scores. Retired professional soccer player Taylor Twellman and retired WWE wrestler Christopher Nowinski both have first-hand knowledge of the effects of TBI on behavior, mental processes, and careers. At ThinkTaylor, Twellman educates players on recognizing and treating injuries, while Nowinski’s work at the Sports Legacy Institute includes researching TBI in sports and translating results into safety programs. Legendary sportscaster Bob Lobel draws out whether the threat of TBI means new rules, new equipment, or the end of certain professional sports.