D1-3 South hoops

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    D1-3 South hoops

    Alright fellas, especially SlimSmitty, time to start the talk about south hoops this year.  Let's hear some predictions.  Here's mine:

    D1 South: Brockton, Newton, Attleboro, Catholic Memorial (sleeper: North Attleboro)
    D2 South: Falmouth, Duxbury, Milton, Scituate (sleeper: Wellesley)
    D3 South: Medway, Spellman, Norwell, Bishop Stang (sleeper: Wareham)


    Where are you Slim?

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    Re: D1-3 South hoops

    Once soccer season is over, I'll jump into the discussion.
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    Re: D1-3 South hoops

    For the most part i'd have to agree with your picks Pince, they look good. To be honest, i havent really paid much attention to hs hoops since Wareham won it all last year. Great year for them as we all know. My picks will go as followed:

    D1 South: Brockton, NN, Marshfield, Franklin(Sleeper:Mansfield)

    D1 is deep this year but unlike years past. Expect a Brockton NN final. Would include New Bedford in making a big run but they lost Steve Wynn to Lawrence Academy.

    D2 South: Falmouth, Deluxbury, Milton and Hopkinton(Sleeper:Scituate/W-H)

    D2 is Falmouth's to lose in my honest opinion.

    D3 South: Spellman, Norwell, Abington, Medway(Sleeper:Martha's Vineyard)
    D3 is wide open even though Spellman should be the overall favorite. Martha's Vineyard will give everyone a great game this year and should challenge for the title, Jette is a baller. Wareham will be a top 4 seed but will bow out in the Second Round. Jules Tavares is at Wilbraham and Monson Academy and Mike Mendes is at Tilton Academy I believe. they will have great big man and decent guard play because jv is always so deep but this year they will need some magic to make it far.

    D4 South: Cathedral.....Westport....need I say more(Sleeper:Mashpee)
    Cathedral should win it all. D4 is so weak that Westport will make the final again as usual. Mashpee might unseat Westport, but they wont beat Cathedral.
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    Re: D1-3 South hoops

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    Re: D1-3 South hoops

    Whitman Hansen is going to struggle a lot, Duxbury lost there 2 best players, and Hopkington is trash.  All 3 are going to have  a down year.
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    Re: D1-3 South hoops

    Sleeper in d2 south.. Oliver Ames