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MIAA and Scores

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    Re: MIAA and Scores

    When I see scores such as Marblehead 7 Somerville 0 and Holliston beating Weston, it's just really boneheaded. I don't blame anyone from the Globe or on this, it's really great that they are doing as much as they are for high school soccer in my opinion. The Marblehead vs. Somerville game that result was reported twice, so it's clear some dimwit from Marblehead or someone that is anti-Somerville, probably a frustrated fan or parent deliberately reported the incorrect score.
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    Re: MIAA and Scores

    At least Soccer gets a posting. BR golf team beats Barnstable for the first time in 9 years and we can't even get a score posted. That's right I forgot High School Golf doesn't exist in the Globe's world.

    Congrats to the boys and good luck the rest of the way.
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    Re: MIAA and Scores

    TNussbaum66, you're right about golf.

    It's the only true "Life Sport" the kids are playing, and the Globe just doesn't bother.

    Also, they can't figure out that in a 238-242 score, the lower score wins, and that in a 14-6 score the higher score wins.

    Par for the course, I guess.