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Initial development of ArcheAge began in 2011, and closed testing of the game took place over two years. Before finally being released in Korea on January 15, 2013, the game went through five closed beta tests and one open beta test.[2] In 2012, an XL Games studio representative said he expected ArcheAge to be released in North America at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014.[3] Also, in 2014 a newly hired CM has stated the game will be transitioning into beta phase and will release for NA and EU in 2014.[4] Announcements made in July, indicate the launch of the beta phase for July 17th 2014.[5] On April 24, 2014, Trion begun to offer founder packs, for early alpha and beta access.[6]
















Typical in-game scenery with player using a glider (upper right corner).
Archeage features a zoneless world with third person view.








In addition to traditional combat settings, ArcheAge offers naval combat in such settings where players have to secure trade routes or engage in sea-land battles. Ships need to be built and equipped with weaponry and man power and fights can be between players or against sea monsters.[7]








Player vs player (PvP)[edit]
Player ships can be attacked.[8] Buildings can be destroyed by other players including castles being attacked with siege weapons. City founding is possible by erecting floating city stones which can in turn be attempted to be captured by enemy forces.[9]








The crafting system in ArcheAge is very extensive with everything from equipment and food, the construction of vehicles, and building furniture for the player-owned homes. The more you craft, the more crafting options become available.








The housing system lets players create buildings in the world, not in instanced zones. Doors and windows of player houses can usually be opened. Furniture and other decorative items are available to be placed inside player houses or in their vicinity with some of them being interactive. In the Russian/European versions of Archeage, these houses can only be built by members with paid "patron" status. You can however share your house with your family (comprised of other players aka friends, guild mates)








Players can create their own farms, plant trees and crops there, which then need to be watered and harvested/chopped down. Players can "reserve" their location for a farm by building a scarecrow. Placing this scarecrow available farming areas secures your spot for the farm which only you can legally farm. (Bandits can steal from your farm but face the risk of leaving evidence behind and going to jail) in Animal husbandry allows cattle and sheep to be tended to and used as resources. In the Russian version, a player with paid "patron" status allows a player to have multiple farms in multiple locations. As this may be seen as an advantage, maintaining a farm can be a chore so many players often choose to stick with one. These farms require a rent to be paid to maintain control of your farm. Should you forget to pay your rent, your farm will be closed and the scarecrow mailed back to you. There are options to allow guildmates and or Family to farm and maintain your farm. Pets need to be fed and plants need to be watered on a timed basis or they will die. [10]








Mounts and pets[edit]
ArcheAge has a pet system with pets being bought as babies and trained to grow into mounts or battle companions.[11] Pets/mounts level up with distance traveled or experience gained during combat. They can be killed in battle, resurrected and suffer resurrection disease which can be healed at a stable. Pets/mounts have equipment slots like player characters.[12]








ArcheAge contains a Judicial system with player run courts. Players can choose to answer jury summons and judge players who have committed crimes of theft or murder. There are minimum and maximum sentences that are determined by vote among the jurors. The system is a fundamental game mechanic, and not built to combat intentional "griefing" by players. Criminal players are imprisoned and can pay off their debt by working in the prison or trying to escape through digging their way out. Players are able to escape from the prison, however they are unable to use any abilities for the duration of their sentence. The development team has stated they may introduce a bribery system that would enable the accused player to bribe jurors.[13]
















Swimming in the ocean, a typical in-game scene.
The early-bird system lets players submit quests which are not yet completely finished, in exchange for reduced experience rewards. The opposite effect is overachieving, by gaining additional quest objectives, resulting in bonus experience. Hidden quests are available too, which can be unlocked by reaching special achievements.








The skill system of ArcheAge is very flexible as one chooses three basic skill types from a selection of ten and can thus can create one's own "class" which is then leveled based in improvement. These classes can be changed at anytime at a specific NPC however it does cost in-game currency to do so and can become expensive. They may even make it a store item in the NA version.








Trade Routes[edit]
Trading routes are a very effective way to make money or if one chooses "marks" to unlock building or castle schematics. A player gathers or farms specific materials in order to craft resources at a destination specific terminal and walks or rides them to a corresponding trading post merchant. Upon creating the resource (example: Farm strawberries to create strawberry jam)this resource is then placed in a pack on a player and the player is unable to walk at full speed. This makes using the public transportation system (Automated bus carts and airships)essential for the fast transportation of these goods. The further the trading post is from the crafting terminal, the higher the reward a player will receive. Be warned however that while you have your trading pack on, you are unable to fight and if you are in neutral land, players are free to kill you and take your pack. You can place the pack on the ground whenever you wish to fight and pick it back up. You cannot ride regular mounts to transport these packs but you can however store them in ships and for a land travel, you can get a donkey mount to help counter your slow walking debuff.








There are many options for travel in ArcheAge, besides travel on foot like walking or climbing (ladders, vines, trees), swimming and personal mounts, personal boats (from row boats to catamarans to galleons) as well as personal gliders or car-like machines like tractors for transport of larger amounts of goods there are predetermined travel routes by airships, taxi-like vehicles and portals too.[14][15] Travel is fully 3-dimensional in ArcheAge, thus swimming and diving are possible. Diving can be improved with diving equipment and there is underwater planting, harvesting and gathering of resources along with underwater treasure hunting.[16]








Some mounts allow players to backpack with another player upon invitation. Boats can be used in a similar fashion to transport other players with one player acting as driver.[17]








A unique way of transportation is to use gliders, which can be equipped and upgraded.[18]