Best High School Football Player

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    Best High School Football Player

    was he that wickid dark charcoal kid? yeah hes gonna be good next year carvers changing their offence and they have the best young skills positions around
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    Best High School Football Player

    who is Feldstein from Norwell? and who is thegamebreaker24
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    Best High School Football Player

    Joe Marinaro, Andover HS 91. OL Captain, and all big ten @ Michigan
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    Best High School Football Player

    ill throw out some names and they all come from Marshfield

    1. Sean Morey currently with Arizona Cardinals former captain of Steelers, second only behind jerry rice in all ncaa div 1aa receiving records, holds many high school records as well, and holds all receiving records at brown too

    2. Matt Kalapinski formerly with Miami Dolphins, had 1600 hundred rushing yards in one season as full back, also great linebacker

    3. Zach/Austin Giles Zach got screwed at Notre Dame because recruited by one coach then play under another but none the less to get a full ride to Notre Dame and then set Freshmen bench press record there is impressive, Austin currently at B.C. and last year was starter most of the year and may have been acc 2nd defensive team and Zach Giles was an All-American

    4. Gibbons who plays for Tampa Bay now, he played with Giles, and another note those two were part of a marshfield line that averaged 6-4 and 315 that year, now tell me how many mass high schools can say they had that big of a line

    5. Sean Morris now playing proffesional lax, but in three years of varsity play had over 3,000 yards rushing

    6. Sean Bohni holds all schools records when it comes to tackling including 31 in one game and over 200 in one season would have played more in college but busted both knees

    7. Mike Manning holds school record for longest punt of 81 yards later punted at USC yes university of southern california

    8. Hugo Souza played in shriner game last year currently at UNH will most likely start at safety next year, one of the best safetys in high school and very explosive runner, hurt most of senior year otherwise he would have been playing div 1 football

    9. Will Nagle/ Wendell Chipman- Nagle received a full ride to delaware and this past year anchored a very good rams o and d line and is one of the hardest workers and most fundamentally sound line men i have seen, wendell chipman holds school records for kicking and running this includes a 42 yard field goal this past year and in his sophmore year he single handedly beat xaverian and this year carried marshfield to the super bowl in the playoffs against weymouth

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    Best High School Football Player

    Jim Unis out of Gloucester is the most exciting player i have seen since iv been watching highschool football. and prob one of the best to ever come out of Mass. no dought about that