Controlling the weather for the Olympics?

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    Controlling the weather for the Olympics?

    In their efforts to try and make sure everything is perfect for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics,">the Chinese are trying to control Mother Nature. Top meteorologists said they may seed the clouds and alter rain patterns to prevent rain on Friday so that skies are clear for the Opening Ceremony.

    What do you think of the idea of changing rain patterns? Are the Chinese going too far?

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    Controlling the weather for the Olympics?

    Hey, if it can be done, do it!
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    Controlling the weather for the Olympics?

    This is already taking place in the US. Hutchison {Nazi-TX} has sponsosred a "weather mitigation" bill. Climate change is being called a national security issue.

    Unfortunately, we are some of the dumbest people in the world. Anyone with half a brain can see that there are deliberate dispersals taking place in sick efforts to control the weather, perhaps block out uv-b rays.

    Anyone who thinks a few aircraft can naturally white-out the sky is an idiot. Such deliberate activities are taking place all over this fascist nation. But the average Jane and Joe are too fat, selfish, and brain dead to realise it.
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    Controlling the weather for the Olympics?

    "Don't knock the technology. It works."

    "Weather mitigation" is evil. These people who start illegal wars are saying climate change is an issue of national security. That means they think they can tinker with the atmosphere anyway they desire. We are not talking about knocking down some hail stones here. There are butterfly effects. We have not been consulted. Most people are in the dark that this has been going on widespread in the US for close to a decade. Aircraft do not create so many white-outs. Contrails, if harmless water vapour should dissipate without creating total sky obscuration. People, it has tailed off a chunk this summer, but keep an eye on the sky and spread the word to all you know in positions of political influence that the ptb's are trying to legalise "weather mitigation" they have already been conducting for many years. A few aircraft cannot white-out a sky. That defies the laws of physics. Check them out sometime. Try to get the humidity reading, etc.. Look for other aircraft that don't have trails that sprread out into the total mess.

    China is sick. So is our own mess of a "democracy."
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    Controlling the weather for the Olympics?

    The Chinese having been doing this for years so it's no big deal exept that the Olympics are in Beijing so we are hearing about it. There is actually a Chinese government agency that roughly translated is "The Weather Control Bureau."

    The sad part of all this is that the Chinese make it rain to try to combat pollution, but it is not working. The result is extremely temporary. The skies in Beijing are nearly always thickened by a smoggy haze. Even when you look down a long stretch of road, you see this haze. They are working on the core issue- clean coal and enironmental regulation, but they are a long way from succeeding. Months prior to the Olympics, they started limiting traffic and chemicals related commerce, but the pollution levels are still high.

    I'm not sure what one poster meant by "when we have extremely hot and humid days here in Boston, the ozone level goes through the roof and the air is extremely polluted." That "goes through the roof part" sounds like a lot of environmentalist propoganda. The air quality around here is fantastic. Yes, we should continue to go green but if you travel a bit, you'll be glad to come home to the blue skies of the US.
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    Controlling the weather for the Olympics?


    Have you ever been to Beijing? I was there for a month (in May when you still occasionally get relatively cool dry days) a few years ago, and what I observed pretty much what TYICK is saying: On the cool dry days, you had blue skies and could see the mountains about 50 miles in the distance. On hot humid days, you could barely see 100 yards ahead of you. I don't mean to downplay the issue of pollution in China... it's certainly there, and it's a problem... I'm just saying that we should be fair. If you visited Boston during a hazy, hot, humid stretch in July, you'd probably be under the impression that the air quality was not very good here either (and for that week, you'd be right).

    I'm not sure why this is even in issue. I'm sure the Chinese authorities are not naive enough to think that weather control is a viable long term solution to their pollution problems, which they don't deny exist. With so many people watching, who can blame the Chinese for trying to do whatever it takes to put on the best possible opening ceremony, even if it means temporarily trying to alter the weather.

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    Controlling the weather for the Olympics?

    The reason "weather mitigation" isn't on the news is because climate change has been deemed a national security issue by the military industrial complex. The people conducting the operations are hybrid military/science and various institutions including universities, NOAA, military branches including NASA, UCAR, NCAR, and more like Standford and plenty other universities. This is why we never hear about it. Climate change is now considered a national security issue. There have been two network affiliates who have covered this topic, KNBC Los Angeles and KSLA Louisiana. Kooky crap has been plastered all over the internet to repel people from taking this seriously. Bottom line is these aren't commercial aircraft wiping out our blue skies. These are specific aircraft. They were at it yesterday morning. I saw some more activity today. Airplanes are not going to naturally produce fake cloud cover. People need to get this exposed and stopped.