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D1 Basketball Final

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    D1 Basketball Final

    HN vs. BC High
    who do you think win? and why?
    i think if HN plays the way they did tonight they have a very good chance against a good BC High team that is missing their best player.
    any imput

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    D1 Basketball Final

    The answer is WHO CARES??

    The BC High fanboys need to soften their cocks about their basketball team that finally made it to the Garden. Being proud about winning that game against Cambridge is like being proud of your quadruple amputee cousin for winning the Special Olympics. Basically, BC High sucked less than Cambridge did. I was sitting there watching that game wondering whether I accidentally showed up for the JV championship or something. Seriously that was the Division One EMASS Championship? I can't believe I paid 12 bucks to see guys get called for traveling every other time down the floor and have the game decided by unathletic 6'7 stiffs plopping in layups.

    Seriously, no one who played in that game will even sniff Division one basketball at the college level. I gotta wonder when was the last EMASS championship game to not have one dunk. And outside of the white dude on Cambridge, no one on either teams hit a jumpshot outside of 10 feet from the hoop. And that was for the EMASS championship?!!?

    Being from Cambridge, I know they really had no business playing at the Garden. This team was an average Cambridge team. Robert Wesley, the best player on this years team, woulda been the 12th man on the 2001 Cambridge state title squad.

    And BC High is pretty pathetic for an EMASS champion. The point guard, Hurley, is like Steve Nash gone horribly wrong. He's completely out of control most of the time, he musta turned the ball over 10 times on Tuesday. The big guys are complete stiffs, honestly any 6'8 dope could look good against Cambridge's midget front line. Its one thing if your 7 foot and a total stiff, but if your 6'7 and play completely below the rim then you are only playing Division One at the next level if your the waterboy. I figure the BC High fanboys are gonna come back telling me those guys are getting recruited at BC or some crap like that, well enjoy being completely delusional. They should fire Al Skinner right now if hes recruiting anyone even remotely related to that game on Tuesday.

    The real question should be "what the hell happened to highschool basketball in MA?"

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    D1 Basketball Final

    BC High wins games because they are UNSELFISH, Taunton lost to BC High because they were NOT UNSELFISH. That is my opinion, Taunton's point guard was called for a 5 second violation because he was dribbling around in circles. PASS THE BASKETBALL!!!!! I was at this game and it wasn't a very good one by either team, the referees did NOT lose this game for Taunton, they did it on their own. So not "everyone" agrees with you.

    Cambridge did a great job with what they had, and it was a great run for them, congratulations. Good Luck to BC High on Saturday.