D3 Hockey Tourney

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    D3 Hockey Tourney

    I am sure norwell has a great team but Savio will win with there speed and great goaltending,But i think divison 3 is up for anyone its a crap shoot at the top any team can take it and any team can have a bad day

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    D3 Hockey Tourney

    See my projected seedings below:
    I don't believe Foxboro qualifies for the Div. 3 tourney. They're the only D3 team in the Hockomock League, so most of their games are against D2 opponents, but they would have had to go .500 against D3 teams to qualify. It looks like they went 0-3-1 (1-1 vs SS Voke and 0-2 vs. Pembroke), so they're out.
    Looks to me like only 17 teams qualify from D3 South, so everyone but the 16th and 17th seeds (Cohasset, Cape Tech) get a "bye."
    My understanding is there are no tiebreakers used in determining seeds. If teams share the same winning percentage (even if the win totals are different), the seedings are determined by picking out of a hat.

    Scituate (Even with a five or six seed) should be the team to beat, but their players need to stop counting on their talent to bail them out in the end, and stick hard to the system that worked so well for last year's team. The 2-1 loss this week to Pembroke proved this team falls victim to complacency from time to time.
    Norwell limped to the finish, but they were missing a few key players and it's sometimes tough to read a whole lot into vacation week hockey performance.
    I'd expect the south champ to come from either the Patriot League (Scituate, Pembroke,) Tri-Valley Conference (Medway, Westwood Hopkinton, Ashland) or Eastern Athletic Conf (Feehan), as those leagues are consistently competitive.
    The South Coast League is a little down this year, though you can't dismiss Old Rochester 's 14-1-5 record, which included two ties with Martha's Vineyard and a late win over Bourne )a much tougher team than their record indicated).
    The Mayflower League (South Shore Voke, Blue Hills, Diman) and South Shore League (Norwell, Harwich) simply aren't at the level of the PL or TVC. That said, you can never rule out any team coached by Steve Woods (Blue Hills)
    That said, here's what I've got for seeding projections:
    Given how slow the MIAA goes with this, wouldn't surprise me if not even the ADs got word on seedings until late tonight or even tomorrow.

    seeding Team Record Points/games played
    1, 2 or 3 Norwell 16- 3- 1 33/20
    1, 2 or 3 South Shore Voke 16- 3- 1 33/20
    1, 2 or 3 Old Rochester 14- 1- 5 33/20
    4 Blue Hills 15- 3- 1 31/19
    5 or 6 Scituate 15- 3- 2 32/20
    5 or 6 Medway 14- 2- 4 32/20
    7 Westwood 12 - 5- 3 27/20
    8 Pembroke 14- 7- 1 29/22
    9 Hopkinton 11- 5- 3 25/19
    10 or 11 Ashland, 12- 7- 1 25/20
    10 or 11 Diman 12- 7- 1 25/20
    12 Bishop Feehan 11- 7- 2 24/20
    13 Middleboro, 11- 8- 0 22/19
    14 Harwich/Ptown 10- 8- 2 22/20
    15 Dartmouth 8- 7- 5 21/20
    16 or 17 Cape Tech/Chatham 9- 9- 2 20/20
    16 or 17 Cohasset 8- 8- 3 19/19

    1 vs 16-17 winner
    8 vs .9

    4 vs. 13
    5 vs 12

    2 vs. 15
    7 vs. 10

    3 vs. 14
    6 vs. 11

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    D3 Hockey Tourney

    Avon-Holbrook was disqualified from consideration due to an excessive number of players being tossed.
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    D3 Hockey Tourney

    I don't believe either Foxboro or Attleboro qualifies for the Div. 3tourney. Though they're the only Div 3 teams in their leagues (Hockomock and Old Colony, respectively), I'm pretty sure they still needed to compile at least a .500 records vs. D3 opponents to get in. Foxboro was 0-3-1 vs. D3 teams. Attleboro was 2-6.

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    D3 Hockey Tourney

    Didn't mean to snub Norwell.... even though they do play in a weaker league.
    With Dempsey back, they're definitely contenders.
    The Clippers are well coached and hard-working. They've got good defensemen, a shutdown goalie in Collins and the Cavicchi-Dempsey combo is as good a one-two punch as there is around (right up there with Scituate's Travis-Donohue).
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    D3 Hockey Tourney

    Being a CMass observer I'd like to add that coming out of that tounament will be four very strong 3 line times. Top teams Marlborough (15-5), Auburn (14-6), Westborough (14-4-2), and Hudson (13-6-1) beat each other up pretty good with Hudson the only team to beat or tie all of the other three top teams.

    Hudson is my pick to meet the EMass Champions. Built with speed for a very balanced offensive attack, Hudson is a very well coached team that has worn down every opponent this year. With a very disciplined game plan, their third line will out score and out hustle any line in CMass. They hit too and don't mind being hit. Hudson gave Marlboro three of its four loses this year and Marlboro is huge in comparison and intimidates their opponents with a defense that just pounds forwards in their defensive zone. Hudson allowed only 38 goals in 20 games. They lost their no. 1 goalie to injuries, then to academics, after he led CMass with a 1.71 GAA in eight games. The backup came in and helped reel off seven straight games with out a loss to end the regular season avenging mid-season loses to Westborough, Auburn, and Worcester.

    Westborough (14-4-2) has the best forward line in CMass and a very talented goaltender. Although they have a good three line attack their defense is fast, which allows them to move the puck out of their zone quickly to start the offensive rush.

    Auburn won the mighty Quinn Division under a very good coach and in my opinion the best two way player in CMass, Rich Bylun.

    We'll see you in a few weeks!

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    D3 Hockey Tourney

    Pembroke, Middleboro and Scituate are both strong teams that play in a competitive league. Pembroke beat Scituate because Scituate was not focused on the game but looking forward.

    My pick for D 3 is Scituate they are well coached have strong forwards, defense and goalie . They are ready for the tourney playing a very competitive schedule all season to prepare. They are a class team that is ready.

    Pembroke will be my choice next season they are still young and improving, they will go far though. Middleboro is also an improving team that is ready to play and they will surprise a few team in the tourney.

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    D3 Hockey Tourney

    seedings are out now


    thts the link

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    D3 Hockey Tourney

    Northeast/Malden all the way