ESPN is a weak Retirement Home

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    ESPN is a weak Retirement Home

    Sometimes I think that rather than delivering objectivecoverage from intelligent and articulate people, ESPN actually deterioratesquality fanhood with too many biased opinions from ex-players andex-coaches.� Their need for big stories and breaking news creates a marketand a platform to cover the OJ trials and the Clemens trials live - all day,and puts Arlen Specter in front of the camera because of undisclosed sourcesand rumors. That's pathetic.

    Let's face it: ESPN is your/our ONLY source for national sporting newscoverage. Maybe on a occasion you could go to FSN or SI on the internet, butbesides ESPN there's no national sports coverage on TV. ESPN2 is only NASCARand poker. Talk about selling out. Poker's not a sport. But while they're at itwhy don't they just make an ESPNG (Gaming) network and put all the Vegas-typestuff on there.

    And for me, the talking heads on that network are not good. Every time a newitem comes up for a particular sport, we have to hear the same opinions fromthe same clowns. We have no choice! As a result I find myself getting sick ofsports all together, because I'm nauseous at the thought of having to listen towhat these same biased retirees opinions are on my team. I can't even watch,but maybe I'd go to a different station if there was one.

    Let's mention some names...

    Aren't you sick of Mike Ditka's opinion of football! He's got marbles in hismouth. Mark Schlereth sensationalizes everything only because he can't speakintelligently on it. And he's biased. Merrill Hodge is a tool. Qadry Ismaelstinks, too. When was the last time he told you something you didn't knowalready.
    There's got to be someone better then John Kruck and Steve Phillips forbaseball. Phillips isn't too bad, but Kruck? Tim Kurkjian is still goingthrough puberty and every time I see Peter Gammons I pray he doesn't die onlive television.
    Barry Melrose desperately needs a counterpart for hockey, his opinion is alwaysfinal and that's lame.
    Skip Bayless is the most annoying "devil's advocate" I've everlistened to.
    I don't even follow basketball that much, but Stephen A. Smith is just so inlove with himself and his loud TV persona that I think, if this is who ESPNgives me for basketball then no wonder I don't follow the sport.

    These are just to name a few. I'm just saying I'm sick of all the steak-headsthat ESPN puts in front of the camera.

    Their rush to make ex-coach Bobby Knight an analyst is the perfect microcosm ofwhat they're all about. They think we're stupid enough to lap it up when Knightis nothing more than a biased, mediocre, not-so-articulate retiree. He just hasname recognition, and he'll sell them some ratings.

    ESPN is our only option for sports, yet they're the same reason we get burnedout on the very sports we love. It's a retirement home full of biased,marble-mouthed clowns.

    Will someone please either give us another option, or will ESPN please put termlimits on some of these less-than-mediocre talking steak-heads.

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    ESPN is a weak Retirement Home

    You simply did not comprehend my point. That's OK. You were late to the conversation.

    I just meant that ESPN can ruin the experience of being a fan because of their incessent, non-stop coverage dominated by biased ex-players/coaches opinions. Half of those ex-players/coaches are awful in front of the camera and don't really have much insightful to say. With ESPN being our only option, it just gets tough to deal with. I don't want to turn off sports, but I have to because people like Mel Kiper sound like he's masturbating while talking about what 21-year-old defensive tackle might go 11th in the draft (and offer absolutely no significance to football next year other than some fantasy numbers...which perhaps makes some people money) and I've never met a single person who cares, and there's no other channel to turn to.

    We're forced to love sports the ESPN way, and sometimes their coverage is just pathetic and biased.

    That's all.

    Why would it be a big deal if I disagreed with all of the people I mentioned? That's not impossible.

    Perhaps you're one of those ESPN guys, because your input was dull and off the mark...