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hull vs avon

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    hull vs avon

    Actual quote from Avon Coach - Google Avon Basketball and you will find it:

    "I've never been much of a defensive guy, but I can coach offense."


    I guess you can get away with that when you play in the Mayflower Small. Miranda and Williams are solid players, that would be solid players in many leagues. But they are not unstoppable. Avon's Coach says that they don't play much D. That will make Hull better and more effective. The inside size is a huge advantage. Kyptzeras had almost 30 tonight against Deman.

    If Hull doesn't beat them, someone will. The bottom line is - no matter how much we might hate it, defense will win the championship.

    Avon can come together all they want, but if they don't play defense, they're going home. If not to Hull - then to someone.

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    hull vs avon

    Well Avon - enjoy the off season. I enjoyed the "better fan" conversation, and all the disrespect that you sent towards any opponent. Now Westport sends you home. You aren't even the best Mayflower that is saying something.

    Take a page from Ipswich. Show some class, some respect, and recognize that the game is played on the court - and not in these stupid chat rooms. But, my guess is peety and azinpin don't know much about "the court", not the court that basketball is played on anyway.

    I also wonder if the 2 of you are Brockton kids, or Avon kids? You seem to root so hard for Avon, you MUST be Brockton kids. Avon = the place that Brockton ballaz can make it.

    Looking forward to all the deleted posts to follow. LMAO