MIAA's Mysterious Ways

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    MIAA's Mysterious Ways

    Once again, the MIAA works in mysterious ways. I know the locations for the sectionals are chosen in advance. I know some of the thinking that goes into choosing the venue locations. For softball and baseball, they need a "secure" facility because they need to be able to charge admission. Having said that, can someone explain why sites can not be changed ? Yes, it would involve a little work and cooperation between different parties, but since the MIAA is the organization that brings all schools together, I have to believe they have the means to bring people together in order to make a late change in venue work.

    Most recent example..... Harwich and Bourne are to meet in the Div. 3 South baseball final IN BRAINTREE !!!! Why should two Cape schools have to travel to Braintree to play this game ? Since most people who would attend this game are from those two towns (and because money is so important to the MIAA), wouldn't their gate receipts be increased if the game were played at Dennis-Yarmouth HS or Sandwich HS ?

    The MIAA does work in many wondrous and mysterious ways.

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    MIAA's Mysterious Ways

    When it comes to tournament time, the MIAA has to pay for officials, use of facilities (which normally means security, custodial staff, and a site administrator), ticket sellers/takers, ushers if necessary, and trophies.

    I am sure there is more but those are the basics.

    Use of facilities alone is a ton of money once you get to sectional championships. You think opening LaLechur (sp) park is cheap? How about the winter venus like the Garden, Tsongas Arena, and the DCU center? Those cost a pretty penny.

    Trust me, the MIAA is making money off of this but not as much as you'd think.
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    MIAA's Mysterious Ways

    I understand about the larger venues that you mentioned - T.D. Banknorth, Tsongas, LeLacheur, etc. - but my post was about a high school baseball field in Braintree. Who could possibly think it makes good sense to bring Harwich and Bourne up from the Cape to play in Braintree ? Personally, I'm not opposed to driving some distance to get to a game if I want to see it bad enough and I'm sure Harwich and Bourne were both well represented. My only point is I think they would have done much better by playing the game at Sandwich or D-Y. Granted it would mean playing only one game at that venue, but their costs would be less and they would take in more money at the gate. (Which, in turn, would help to pay a couple of those six figure salaries at the MIAA office !)
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    MIAA's Mysterious Ways

    I agree with you on that but the MIAA has to schedule two dates for all baseball/softball events due to rain and those costs can also be prohibitive since rain dates tend to need a minimum payment.

    As for location of games, well, a lot of times it is just the facility. I know that North Andover High hosts a ton of neutral site games during basketball tournament time. They are put on "watch" at the start of the tourney and told to keep their facitility open for particular dates. Could the MIAA do that for sectional finals? Who knows, it may be dependent on the facitlity itself. Will they allow it?
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    MIAA's Mysterious Ways

    The MIAA is forced to sign a "use of facilities" form which typically includes paper work on the number of ticket sellers/takers, police, fire marshall, trainer (if one is not provided by either schools or if otherwise necessary), score keepers, and the several custodians.

    Local schools do not get the gate during tourney events, they split with the visiting team and the MIAA gets the majority of it.

    When a school is a neutral site, the only money the host gets is for paying the workers. The two teams and the MIAA split the gate.

    What is worse is the locales for the football playoffs. The team who won the Cape Ann a year or two ago played against a team from around Duxbury down in Plymouth.One team had to travel over an hour and one had to travel less than 20 minutes. Guess who won...
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    MIAA's Mysterious Ways

    They haven't updated their mouth guard rules in thirty years, the NFHS is more concered about protecting teeth than concussion. The Patriots use a medical device, featured in ESPN the magazine, proven to prevent concussions, all they do is pass the buck when told about it. If they truly cared about the players, they would act. It is now the official mouth guard of the arena league. It's up to parents to take action, knowing what we know now about dings and mild head trauma, they are not going to do if for you. www.mahercor.com
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    MIAA's Mysterious Ways

    SCRAPA, you are absolutely right. I asked the Framingham A.D. why the game was played in Westwood and he told me that the site for the North-South state semifinal rotates each year. Last year it was played in Framingham when Framingham was involved and this year it was played in Westwood when Westwood was involved. Both scenarios are equally unfair and there is no justification for it.

    My original post was about how ridiculous it was for Harwich and Bourne to have to travel to Braintree to play the South final in baseball when there are adequate facilities on the Cape. There are many more examples though and you have pointed out one of them. As for an earlier post that mentioned how nice Martin Field in Lowell is, there are other facilities that could host softball games too. There is no reason why a team should have to play Lowell in Lowell, or why a team should have to play Taunton at Tripp Field in Taunton. In addition, Coyle-Cassidy was able to play the South semifinal and final in Taunton. They played at Taunton HS, but that is still an unfair advantage as far as the crowd goes, when you consider the other teams fans and parents had to travel to get there.