National Hockey Rankings

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    National Hockey Rankings

    It would be difficult to judge if CM would grab a top ranking for high school teams in the country. They would certainly get consideration, but there are a number of teams from Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin that could make the same claim, along with some ISL schools. Massachusetts wouls get about 3-4 teams in the top 20.
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    National Hockey Rankings

    If you check out the NHL Central Scouting mid-season rankings for the draft, there are a ton of kids on the list from high schools out in Minnesota...if there were a list, it would be dominated by the schools that produce kids like the Lundin brothers and Carl Sneep at BC. The New England high schools made a decent showing, but there weren't that as many kids as the Minny high schools...I might be wrong, but I think Heffernan of BC High was the only kid from either CM or BC High on the list.
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    National Hockey Rankings

    Hey bigmike...

    i was wondering if you have seen any of those minn. teams in person because it would be a little ridiculous to say they CM would get smoked by these teams...and we will never really know for sure until one of these teams comes to Mass to face a CM or BC HIgh ( i know Holy Angles came about 4 or 5 years ago but dont remember the result)

    and as for your other point how u think CM is not the best team in Mass. thats absurd...the ISL is a completly different league then CM...i def agree with you in that some of the high notch ISL teams like Nobles are better then CM but thats because they recruit players and get some PG's...Catholic Memorial is clearly the best high school (M.I.A.A) team in the state

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    National Hockey Rankings

    Dude, CM could beat a team with Jesus at center, Vishnu as right wing,Moses at left wing, and two incarnations of Buddha on defense.
    Oh yeah, and Zeus in goal.

    Clearly. Blowout.
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    National Hockey Rankings

    little mike....just keep your rich and snobby life to yourself and dont come on this website saying that the half the ISL teams would smoke cm

    and i believe St. Sebs which is right in the middle of the pack in the ISL got smokedddd 4-1 to Catholic Memorial.

    Go ask your dad for some money or somthing...cause were all sick of you thinking that you run the show