National Prep Championship

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    National Prep Championship

    The top prep team in the country will finally be decided on the court. The National Prep Championship, a four-team event that will determinethe No. 1 team in the country, will be held March 7-8 at the Universityof District Columbia. Notre Dame (Mass.), which features Maryland native and Kansas State-bound forward Michael Beasley,has already accepted an invitation to participate û as well as two-timeNEPSAC Class A defending champion Bridgton Academy and The PattersonSchool (N.C.). " I believe that a prep tournament of this kind, with credible schoolsinvolved, has been on the horizon for some time now,ö BridgtonÆs WhitLesure said. ôNational competition has become (like) one of the factsof life; it's a reality in all sports at all ages. I see a greatopportunity to reward a select number of teams that have played wellover the course of the entire season. The caveat is that unlike thecollege tournament games, this is being played on school vacation timeand in the nations' capital to boot. We're excited to be among theparticipants in this groundbreaking event". ``I feel that itÆs time that something like this happened,ö addedMaryland native Chris Chaney, in his second season as the head coach atPatterson. ôThis allows prep school to be taken to the next level.ö Thefinal spot will likely come down to Hargrave Military Academy (Va.) andBrewster Academy (N.H.). The semifinal games will take place at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. on Wed.,March 7th at the University of District Columbia with the championshipgame at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

    What do you guys think about this game a long time in the coming? ND Prep (fitchburg) and Bridgton Academy (ME) will represent New England, filling up 2 of the current 3 spots (Laurinburg Prep NC is the third with the fourth team to be decided). This is going to be a hot tourney with some of the best players in the US there.I think they should adopt this on a state by state basis as well. For example, in MA they could take the winners of the state tourneys, the ISL/NEPSAC Class C Champ, and play a final 4 type tourney. It would be interesting to see what would happen. I think Lawrence Academy (ISL team/no post grads) could take any other team in MA this year. What do you think?

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    National Prep Championship

    All four teams have now been announced! The first-ever National Prep Championship, a four-team event that will determine the best team in the prep ranks, will get underway on Wednesday with a pair of semifinal games. Top-seeded Bridgton Academy (Maine), which is coming off a remarkable third consecutive Class A title, will face No. 4 Hargrave Military Academy (Va.) on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the University of District Columbia. The nightcap will feature No. 2 Notre Dame Prep (Mass.) and Kansas State-bound Michael Beasley, which hails from just outside of the University of District Columbia, against No. 3 Patterson School (N.C.). The championship game will be held on Thursday at 7 p.m. û also at the University of DC

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    National Prep Championship

    Semi-final ResultsSemi Final #1 2OTBridgton Academy (ME) 121Hargrave Military Academy (VA) 118In what was easily the most entertaining game of the day, Bridgton Academy (Bridgton, ME) eclipsed an early eight point second half deficit, and two overtime charges by a physical and talented Hargrave Academy (Chatham, VA) crew to prevail. Though talented in their own right, Bridgton does not boast the height and size across the board that many of their prep school brethren, do, and nonetheless have recently won a third consecutive New England Prep School Athletic Conference (NEPSAC) title. The reason û a motion offense they execute consistently.Bridgton was able to tie the score with around 12:50 to go in the second half. If not for that scheme and good helping match up zones and man to man defenses, there would have been no way the team could withstand HargraveÆs Jordan Crawford (37 points), Jeff Allen (28 points) , Dorenzo Hudson (21 points), and Mike Scott (21 points). The teams flip-flopped the lead for the remainder of regulation, with the score knotted at 101 at the buzzer. During the first extra period, that nip and tuck rhythm continued, with HargraveÆs Hudson hitting a leaning, three point bucket to send the contest into a second overtime period. Throughout the game, Justin Burrell (21 points) was a stalwart inside for Bridgton, while Greg Hill (29 points), Paris Horne (21 points) and Brian Rudolph (11 points) held down the perimeter. The first three (Rudolph fouled out in the first overtime session) also performed well to close the game, with Horne finding Burrell inside to gain a 115-113 lead, while HillÆs free throws with over a minute to play extended it to 119-115. Semi Final #2Notre Dame Prep (MA) 87The Patterson School (NC) 75Though this contest lacked the drama and flow of the first, both teams still exhibited why colleges flock to recruit their players, as individual plays were being made up and down the floor. From a Notre Dame Prep (Fitchburg, MA) perspective, D.C. area native Michael Beasley (33 points) also seemed to have jitters, as he started the game drifting on the perimeter, and not greatly impacting the game. Not so in the second half, where Beasley regained his mojo, attacking the rim on breaks as well as showing good perimeter touch. Battling Beasley tooth and nail on the inside was PattersonÆs Tirrell Baines (23 points), who scored on put backs and nice turnaround shots he released at the top of his jump. Jeremy Hazell (13 points) also added double figures for Patterson, showing great range on his jumper. Beasley was helped by Jamine ôGreedyö Peterson (13 points), who primarily played inside, and Deonte RobertsÆ (8 points) up and down, full court play. Johnny Higgins (2 points) didnÆt score much, but was instrumental in running the team, particularly late in the game. Finals Tonight at 7:00pm New England representing with the best basketball teams in the USA!

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    National Prep Championship

    National Prep Championship Finals
    #1 Bridgton Academy (ME) 98
    #2 Notre Dame Prep (MA) 107

    Notre Dame Prep of Fitchburg is National Champion! Michael Beasley and co. at ND took it last night and were crowned the best team in the nation.