I know I'm going to hear some negative replies but I want to try and see what you all think..

I read a post that stated that a player From Everett played in a Dorchester pop warner program last year as an 8th grader... Does anyone other than myself think that maybe this kids family moved out of Dorchester to place their child in a better school? Could this be plausible? I mean do kids leave Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, etc to attend Xaverian, St John Prep etc...Aren't those schools relatively a safer haven for them? I understand that some think that Everett and other schools recruit.. Hey I for one would think like this, I live in an unsafe environment for my children so I decide to move to another town.. I say Hey Everetts not too far away and they have a top notch football program and its readily available to Boston and what I need so I decide to move there and then my son who happens to be a really talented football player plays and stars on the team... Now is this wrong? Did I violate any MIAA rules? Do you think this scenerio has been played out before?