Rate the sports talk shows

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    Rate the sports talk shows

    I somewhat agree with your ratings.� I feel that Mike Adams rates higher than Dale and Holley, but that is just�personal opinionI do agree that Dennis�& Callahan is garbage radio.�� If they stuck with sports they�were somewhat palatable.� Stupid comments after stupid comments that have nothing to do with sports through the years have turned me off from them.I�could care less about their political opinions, for I�want to listen to sports in the morning.� I go with MIke and MIke�for sports in the morning �even though it is national.��

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    Rate the sports talk shows

    I agree with most everybody here. I'm in my car driving to work between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. During that hour there usually is very little sports talk on the D & C show on WEEI. If they talk sports they can be ok. But too often I hear their political rants. Plus during that hour it seems like there�are 30 minutes worth or commercials. And God help anybody who disagrees with their political view. They would bad mouth Superman if he told them he was a Democrat. So in the morning I'm thankful that there are now other sports to listen to on 890 and 1510.Another show I don't like is the Mustard & Johnson show on WEEI on Saturday mornings. It's mostly Yankee talk. My nose gets a little bent out of shape with WEEI for having a New York show on the air. I wonder if WFAN in NYC has a Red Sox show on Saturday mornings. Somehow I don't think so.

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    Rate the sports talk shows

    Dale and Holley--They know more about the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL; more about the local teams, more about college sports, and more about how to have a conversation than anyone else in Boston. Their connections to the Patriots, Sox, and Bruins, not to mention Holley's knowledge of basketball, make them the most prepared crew on the radio. Add to that the amount of show prep and the work they have their interns do, and they are the best show on the air for my money.

    The Big Show--It is very entertaining the new list of co-hosts are very knowledgeable (Merloni, Grande, Max...) and clearly Glen, Pete, Andy, and Brett know how to run a good show.

    I agree that Mike and Mike are pretty good but Greenie is an unabashed Jets and Yankees fan. He is unbearable. He HATES the Pats and Sox and lets that cloud his thinking during a show. Golic is all right when he isn't kissing ND's rear end. You went there, we get it. No one is impressed.

    After that, the drop off is considerable....

    Planet Mikey is all schtick all the time. I can't stand the lame jokes, he does nothing but treat his show like a frat party and tell stories about random Red Sox trivia from the 1960's. Last December, the Pats are in the midst of a perfect season and he is talking about a Sox-Yankees game from the early 70's. One trick pony Mr. Adams.

    D&C--unlistenable at this point. See my post in another thread.

    My solution to this...I bought Sirius. Their NFL stuff is great. You get national ESPN programing, national Sporting News programming, WEEI provides Fox national stuff, and Sirius also has an NBA channel. Now with the XM merger there will be an MLB channel and NHL channel as well. No more need to listen to the crap I can't stand. I highly recommend it.
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    Rate the sports talk shows

    d and c, arent afraid to be stuck in the liberal meda bias in this damn state. so a few of you dont like that gerry callahan hates criminals, hates corrupt politicians, andtell thr truth about losers like sal dimasi, or matt amorello et al. wake up. go back to brookline, cambridge, hingham and cohasset,and your pretend caring for the world. Yea mike and mike, wonderful guys, who said " Manny ramirez never did anything wrong in boston, and the fans hated him for it". talk about backwards. And to the guy who hates steve Deossie, you dont get the whole running joke do you...wow. talk about over your head. Too bad Deossie and Smerlas both offer the point of view of men who played pro ball under two of the greatest coaches in history, and somehow you cant get over a running joke about deossie being a bully in high school?
    Lets see, Mike Adams is fun, but if there is less sports talk on a sports talk show, i havent heard it yet. We have more interludes about the email female, the karaoke contest, Mike's hair, and the dumbest callers in the world calling ( and thankfully being blow up on) pro wrestling, Mixed martial arts, et al. Lenny Mags is the bright spot in the show because he actually knows what he talks about. Mike adams is funny and entertaining,and heck id love to have a beer with the guy, but asports talk analyst he isnt. He reminds me of bob uecker in major league when he says " he is a felon isnt he monty, and monty says, " i dont see that",and uecker says " well he should be". Mikey makes a lot of statments and then says that he doesnt actually know that for a fact but it sounds good.. funny yep, entertaining, always, sports talk? not!
    And please lose the email female, they can never read an email without having to stop and figure out two or three words. can you spell. B-I-m-b-o
    And dont get me wrong but i have a problem with weei as well, but its not the hosts, its the fact that we have to listen to the same callers over and over, so much so that eveyone knows them by name and expects thier call, and we are forced to listen to these idiots over and over again. I mean the mustard and johnson show should be renamed the danny from quincy and (cant think fo the other guys name, liek shane or something) and mustard and johnson show. these callers are always idiots and yet get more airtime then real sports guests from like SI or ESPN. Stop making the callers famous. if i wanted to listen to bob from wherever show, i woulnt be listening here.
    And i like dale arnold, but does anyonone know why dales partners keep leaving, and dale has to work for the bruins and the red sox, do you think jason wolfe is cheap? Big O gets the money and is out on vacation more than he is on the air, thankfully pete shepherd fills in quite well. get rid of yankees talk on saturday. i like michael holley a lot but dont hold your breath for him for another year. and you have to hate the bruins as well.
    and yes D and C insult joe morgan a lot, based on his great use of the obvious, notbecause he doesnt know obscure facts about every team.
    It's statements like "he's one of the better hitters in the game. When he isn't, he's just a good hitter – but his good is pretty good"
    Milledge may not take off, but with two strikes, he may take off
    these three were all in a span of 10 minutes in the same inning. inthis exact order.
    1. One thing that I really admire in Willie Randolph is he lets these guys learn how to play the game
    2. So, I think he’s [Randolph] showed me is that he’s out there to teach these guys how to play as well
    3. So Willie gives these guys a chance to learn to play and that’s why I like what he does as a manager
    or my favorite, ( figure out what he meant by this one..)
    Say I think that curve ball is more effective against a hitter, guys that play every day, because they’re looking fastball and trying to make a pitch.

    as opposed to throwing the curve to say.. a fan? or maybe a pitcher? please tell me he is not saying curveballs work better on everyday hitters, but not against hitting pitchers? huh?
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    Rate the sports talk shows

    I don't listen to much talk radio, when I have Dale & Holly seem the most insightful. The Big O show has 3-4 guys loudly talking over each other & putting down their callers that they say waited 45 minutes to an hour to talk to them. No Thanks. I'd rather read the views of you guys then listen to that show. When I'm in my car I usually listen to music instead.
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    Rate the sports talk shows


    I'll take your advice and check out 1510 Lew & Mike in the AM sometime. I'm sure it will be better then what I've heard on D & C. RE 1510 I'd like to see that station upgrade its signal strength for those of us that live further from Boston. I think that's an advantage that 850 holds, its clearer so some people make the choice based on that.
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    Rate the sports talk shows

    the next time butch sterns adds something intelligent to a sports conversation will be the first time. He is the master of the obvious and seems incapable of having a creative or original thought...he's pete sheppard minus the humor, personality and loveable ignorance-note-this is not pete.
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    Rate the sports talk shows

    Good thread. Glen Ordway/big show on 850 in the afternoon is the best to me, informative, funny and even creative. I don't like listening to their political rants because they are always in the same vein and predictable - no balance. Conservatives aren't always right and liberals are not always wrong. The opposite is also true also IMO. IF they are going to talk politics they should at least be informed and somewhat objective like they are in sports. Mike Felger is OK, but his good cop - bad cop stuff is pretty transparent. I also wish he would stop referring to players who choke or don't perform well as pooping their pants, needing their diapers changed, or peeing themselves. I'm a sports fan and get frustrated from time-to-time like everyone else, but that level of disrespect seems over the top and ignorant, especial when he does it on TV. Seems unprofessional IMO. Anyway, having WEEI in our area of Maine is a huge upgrade. Hey, whatever happened to the sports babe!
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    Rate the sports talk shows

    The best shows on WEEI, IMO are this...

    1. Dale and Holley--they are informed beyond the local teams and Holley has a lot of inside connections with the Patriots and Dale with the Sox and B's. They are not afraid to talk about college sports either, which I like. Lastly, the address major national sports news in an unbiased, non-provincial manner.

    2. Mut&Bradford--a million times better than the old Saturday morning show. Like D&H, they discuss anything and everything. They have their specialties but I also love how they interact via a chat room and blog during the show too. It is a great way to include more listeners.

    3. The football show--A tactical discussion of football. How great! I would love to hear Holley on this show. It goes beyond the Patriots Monday/Friday ball washing and discusses the entire league.

    4. The Big Show--If nothing else they are purely entertaining. Their sports knowledge is not up to bar with the above, but is not as poor as D&C and not as schtick-filled as Mikey. Ask them to discuss something outside of Boston sports and you get nothing but cliches and jokes. What separates the top two shows from the Big Show is that the others can discuss topics like college hoops, BCS, and even something like world cup soccer. The Big Show spouts off whatever they got from gleaming ESPN.com on these topics.

    5. The baseball show when McAdam is a part of it. I appreciate what Buckley brings to the show but he and Adams can be brutal together, just throwing out random names and stories from the 50's-70's. Baseball has a rich history but most of the show revolves around today and McAdam has a ton of info to share and he has no problem sharing insider type stuff.

    There are other weekend shows (John Rider, etc) which I like and are very caller driven. They can discuss a variety of topics at a superficial level anyway.

    Then you have D&C (politics and golf year-round, woo hoo!) and Mikey (middle-aged, wannabe shock jock) whom I rarely listen to.
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    Rate the sports talk shows

    I am still waiting for Mike Adams to say anything knowledgeable about sport. D&C hide their ignorance via politics. He hides his via humor.