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Reading/CM Hockey Game

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    Reading/CM Hockey Game

    If you look at the blog section, they are doing live updates from the game. The current score it says is 3-0 CM.
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    Reading/CM Hockey Game

    you don't think reading is good do you?

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    Reading/CM Hockey Game

    I have a few questions.....First of all it's CM and everybody else 16 Championships in 20 years tells you this.

    How do you rank MC a level below CM and BC High this year (focus....focus on this year only) MC head to head against these two teams is 2-1-1. CM is 1-1-2 and BC High was 1-2-1 so how does MC fall below them? MC was one of only two teams to have a winning record against the Globe's top 10.CM was the other. How is MC ranked behind BC High when BCH finished in last place of the Catholic Conference? How is Reading in the same class as SJP and MC??? Reading has two non league games this season (CM & BCH) and they lose both. MC has already beaten both......Then you lump Woburn in with Xaverian???? Woburn didn't even play a non league game until today so how can you measure them against anybody?? I don't see where these tiers have any validity. Central Catholic plays HALF their season against Division 2 opponents and there one big outside opponent was SJP and they tied.

    The 10 teams for the Super 8(no particular order) will be CM, BCH, SJP,MC, Weymouth,Woburn, Reading, Austin Prep, Central Catholic Waltham. The top 6 teams should be CM, SJP,MC, BC High, Reading, Weymouth. The play in teams should be Austin, Woburn, Central and Waltham. If you put BC High in as a top 6 and not MC it is a complete joke. How can you finish behind someone in your own conference, split head to head, have a losing record against the other Super 8 teams and be seeded higher??? It is a joke.........I realize BC High is BC High put let's look at 2006-2007 ONLY.

    It's more like

    Tier 1: CM

    Tier 2: MC, BCH, SJP

    Tier 3: Xaverian (Who won't even get a top 10 spot) Austin Prep, Reading

    Tier 4: Woburn, Central Catholic, Weymouth

    As for the CM Reading game today.....The game was dead even other than the second half of the first period. Reading dominated the first 8 minutes because as you mentioned they essentially played one line. The first line playe 9:23 seconds out of 15 and then game back with 5 out of the next 7 minutes. The game was never out of control for CM but it was a particularly boring game. The game was essentially even matched....CM scored 3 WEAK goals.....goals 1,3,4 were all lousy. Reading has always been dogged by poor goaltending and this year was no different. I see a CM v either BC/MC final depending on how the brackets play out and another CM title

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    Reading/CM Hockey Game

    Is it true what I heard that Xaverian lost to Braintree today 3-1? I was recently talking with some friends from Braintree and they said that their team wasn't that good this year.

    If Xaverian did indeed lose to such a team, they're certainly not helping their consideration for a Super 8 bid.

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    Reading/CM Hockey Game

    it is UTTERLY laughable to put BC High in the same catergory as CM. They are in no way an equal to CM. BC High should be seeded below CM, SJP and MC. What was BC High's non league opponents win %?? .630.....Sounds good right......then back out a Division 2 team Coyle Cassidy and it is .560. So it is safe to say BC High beat up on weak teams TWO wins against St. Johns Shrewsbury (4-14-3), 2 against Springfield Cathedral and 1 against Coyle Cassidy. Who is BC High's biggest win against? MC and they split with them. So please let me know how they are in CM's catergory

    They finished LAST in the conference and are no better than MC, SJP or Xaverian. It furthers my point when Xaverian beat BC High, SJP tied them twice and they lost to MC. The only game that you can say was bad for MC was the Billerica game. It was the first game of the season and MC outshot them 44-19. MC later easily defeated them 6-1 Against the Prep they were up 4-3 with a minute left and gave up a goal for a 4-4 tie and in the second game they gave up a goal with 21 seconds left for the loss.

    Reading feast on Middlesex league teams and that's it......The Middlesex league is in no way shape or form anywhere close to the Catholic Conference.......Reading's 2 defeats against MC and BC High attest to that point rather nicely.

    The biggest difference between the Publics and Catholics is one word T A L E N T. Reading has 5 kids that would play on MC, BC High, SJP and every kid on MC, BC High, SJP would make Reading High's squad.

    As for the final point of Xaverian over Austin Prep......I don't see how you leave the winner of the Catholic Central out of the top 10......It doesn't make sense and I don't see it happening Dan Shine is a CCL guy and one of the 7 Suoer 8 committe members is Paul Moran Austin's Headmaster. Theat means the CCL has 2 of the 7 votes.Xaverian would be better off in the D1 tourney because they would have a shot at winning the whole thing

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    Reading/CM Hockey Game

    Didnt i read that this was MC first win over CM since 1989. Lets not get to excited about 1 regular season win. Back it up come tourney time and then talk.
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    Reading/CM Hockey Game

    Noah-I have nothing against CM. As I mentioned it is a complete joke to lump BC High with CM. There is CM and then everybody else. I have quite a few friends that have played at CM and respect the program. There is no doubt that they are the PREMIER team in the state. I did make a mistake in that analysis. They are 2-1-1; on the 2 game analysis.....MC defintely should have won game 1 they were up 2-0, 3-1 and were lucky to scrap out the tie. I will tell you though the game 2 was also closer than it should have been,,,,,MC was up 3-0 and let the game get away. Give them a ton of credit for battling the #1 team and taking the win from them. NOBODY does that to CM. As for the the lower levels I see the conference swing towards CM & MC. MC has loaded up in the lower levelsas well
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    Reading/CM Hockey Game

    Noah-I meant to follow up on this as well.....I see CM and MC dominating the Catholic Conference going forward. MC beat CM both games at the JV level as well. You'd have to say that beating them twice at the JV level and going 1-0-1 at the varsity level defintely tells you where the program is headed. And by the way MC isn't a program that drops down varsity underclassman to play the game like BC High and some other do....I respect the fact that CM doesn't do it either!