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Episode Name: Series 8, Episode 2
Air date: Sunday 7/29/2014
Watch Geordie Shore Season 8 Episode 2 Series 8, Episode 2 Online And Free Gary isn't impressed with Marnie flirting with Aaron. Vicky makes her return to the house. The Geordies put their own spin on singles night.
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The long tracking shot in Watch Geordie Shore Season 8 Episode 2 Online Robilant opens Marpiccolo opens and closes a world Taranto and its hinterland has been raped in the same way that faces the sea, stale and stifled by the poisons of industry. The man was sick and his own nature alike. While Robilant flies over this "show", his intent is clear and our eyes everything is already done. When his eye enters into the reality of one of the most deprived areas of the city, we see the realism of a desperate world that we know well, of which we already know the ending: the fate to which Titian seems unable to resist except by fleeing to something indefinite and uncertain. As we enter into the Gomorrah with Titian tarantina find that chronicles the despair of which they regurgitate daily newspapers and TV of Italy can be told with a new force, trying to leave a crack in the wall of rubber and give a slap to the power that lives on despair.
The director returns with a documentary style, the utopia of escape of a boy Puglia (Titian).




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They know how to love his father in debt, the martyr mother, girlfriend and sister in love unconsciously immersed in the filth of their present.
The fable of this Cinéma vérité is sandwiched between a symbolic beginning and two possible endings.


The film opens with the image of a cow lifeless floating on the sea, which carcass dreamlike, reminiscent of surrealist Buñuel's L'âge d'or.
The subsequent panoramic top convey our gaze between the pollution of the factories and the squalor of the local architecture.
Robilant emphasizes its proximity to the protagonist of the story, insisted through the use of hand-held camera and jump cuts, which perfectly blend the facts with fiction cinema.
The child is forced to pay for the mistakes committed by the father of video poker player, constantly stealing to pay off the debts of reckless parent .Complete director shall carry the guilt of the son dad who weighs through a reciprocating assembly that combines the beating of the first, with the same harassment imposed per second.
Yet his face bloody and hard Titian, transcends the violence outside, tender and available to discover, in the home, with his sister and mother. This dichotomy of his character is reinforced by its sentimental encounters with Stella, who do enjoy sex and compassion.Robilant builds a tale full of losers male figures and dotted with strong women and Freudian masculinized. The mothers of school children protest against the installation of antennas dangerous school adjacent to the space; Professor seeks to unravel the magic of reading to Titian Conrad; Stella tries to understand beloved that while she studies and works all day, Titian steals and beats to survive. The final fate of Titian is marked from the beginning: he robs the boss, but the goods are returned by the father; a butcher kills by order of the head and ends up in juvenile prison. The teacher who invited him to trace the dark dimension in "Heart of Darkness", he replies: "I ​​know him well in the dark, I want to find the light."
Even in prison continues to pay for the murder, because he is whipped to blood by members of the victim.
The director continues to alternate the images of the ancestral struggle between the protagonist and a cellmate with his father arguing in a bar.
Titian managed to escape from prison only through the words of Conrad, that occur in voice over in various parts of the work; but the tragedy of our hero does not shy away from presenting reveler also exit from the penitentiary, where is a beautiful mansion, paid for with dirty money of the boss who has subjected his father.
Titian is there and is planning a flight to Bologna with his girlfriend. Robilant closes the film in a surreal way (as he had started) presenting the death of the hero and his utopian and can escape to a better fate.
Doctor Jekyll seems to be a very affable and polite, and the young maid he is immediately captured.
However, in recent times he shows an increasingly erratic behavior, perhaps due to the presence in his home and in his life of 'enigmatic Mr Hyde ...
The film by Stephen Frears tackles the classic dichotomy of good and evil adapting the novel by Valerie Marlin "The housekeeper of Dr. Jekyll" in turn inspired by "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson.


The work of Frears has three main advantages: the night and unhealthy atmosphere that surrounds the whole affair, the sets (amazing Jekyll's laboratory) and large interpretations of John Malkovich and Julia Roberts. The director focuses on the character of Mary Reilly, in this way the spettarore discovers the truth with her gaining in drama and anxiety, and working on non-visa and not shown.
Hyde is represented as a man in the throes of the instincts, ready to commit any evil, accentuating his wickedness and the similarity with the devil through his limping gait and able to meet the hidden desires of the young maid uniform between platonic love for Jekyll and the 'physical attraction to Hyde.


John Malkovich is wonderful for how she manages to make two personalities such opposite Julia Roberts and her face emanciato, dull eyes, is perfect in a role so far from his most classic characters.