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South Shore Hockey sweeps Div 1 2 3

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    South Shore Hockey sweeps Div 1 2 3

    Don't forget that Norwell, Hingham and Marshfield have all won Div 1,2, or 3 State Championships in the past few years. Plus Duxbury and Hingham have both been Super 8 teams recently.

    I think it is safe to say that the North Shore no longer holds a strangle hold on great hockey like they once did.

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    South Shore Hockey sweeps Div 1 2 3

    Norwell hasn't won any hockey state championships.....and agreed that Weymouth deserves recognition as well. You can also factor in Heffernan and several other players on BC High, the Super 8 champion, are from Scituate.....
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    South Shore Hockey sweeps Div 1 2 3

    Other schools may not overlook these teams when they play them however the north shore teams definitely get more press coverage. Look at the sectional finals, had tape of all north sectional final games but nothing of the south. To be fair the fact that the south finals are played down in bourne may have something to do with it. Also the north shore fans seemed to have a supierority complex on this site. Alot of fans were predicting the destruction of Hanover and Scituate once they won their south sectionals. Duxbury did get respect and I think everyone was fair to Weymouth about the difference between beating CM in the round robin vs. beating BC in the one and done final.

    The success of the south shore teams can be traced to the developement of the excellent town youth programs. However it seemed like the north shore teams dominated the 70s and most of the 80s. Tthe north shore teams with their better established support systems would beat the south shore teams on a regular basis

    As for Norwell, I can remember giving money to norwell kids standing in front of Caldor's at Queen Annes corner back in the early 90s for their hockey program.