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    SUPER 8

    I'm starting to think we would be better off having club HS hockeyplayed in place of MIAA hockey. USA Hockey should request the MIAA tolet them run HS hockey in Mass. USA Hockey should then ban all CatholicHS programs from MIAA hockey (go to prep leagues) and junior teams inNew England (deny insurance coverage). This would force the majority ofthe players to play for their town club/school program. You would stilllose kids to the Preps, but you wouldn't lose them to Juniors orCatholics. Junior, Catholic and Prep schools have killed the vastmajority of public programs. You get an occasional Hingham/Reading, butthats it. This is bad for the local youth programs which need robusthigh school programs to stimulate interest in the sport. I canguarantee you that if we were community based HS programs the sportwould see an increase in participation. The atmosphere of quality HSprograms does alot to keep youth programs strong. Just look at thecrowds at The Super 8 now. They draw flies. When public schools likeAB, Arlington, Melrose, Burlington, Billerica, Hingham Needham &Norwood were forces in the 60-70's great crowds turned out forthese towns and helped build their youth programs. If we continue ourcurrent path we will end up a non-factor at the national level. We sent0 players to the US Junior team this year. The first time this hashappened. We might get one next year. Thats pathetic.
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    SUPER 8

    Super 8 is just an extension of the tournament, with the top 8 teams. It puts the best teams in the group and lets them lose twice before they are kicked out. Much better format to find the best team, especially in hockey (baseball should do the same).

    If you have a problem with the Catholic school teams winning too much- too bad- they just have better programs- remember, BC , Archies, Arlington Catholic, and CM get their kids at age 14, Hingham and Arlington at age 5.

    Towns lose their best players to Catholic schools beacause parents want to pay (a lot) for those private/catholic schools for their accountablity, academics and the athletics. Remember, each kid at bc high/CM is competeing against 1,200 other GUYS, not half guys, half girls- the sports are going to be that much more competitive.

    crowds are small at high school hockey games? like you said, when programs are strong, people come (see- Patriots) when programs are weak, no one goes (see celtics).

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    SUPER 8

    you want two tournaments? we have two.....the super eight and then the other one.

    and yes, public school teams have teams that grow up together- kids in plymouth (and most other public schools) play together for 10 years before they enter HS- they even have try outs for kids 6 years old!

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    SUPER 8

    A little History lesson. The Super 8 was started in 1991. Back in the 1985-1986 season, the MIAA made a huge blunder, and dropped a bunch of "smaller" Catholic schools to Division 2. This included Matignon, Austin Prep, Arlington Catholic, and Archies. These were very strong Division 1 programs: Matignon had won about 4 or 5 division 1 titles leading up to that year. However, the MIAA consideraed them "small" by population, and the "larger" Catholics, BC, CM, etc. lobbied in favor of the move, thus giving them better footing in Division 1. That year coincides with CM's rise to power. Not that CM wasn't already good, but they were not yet dominant. Players from all over who were going to Matignon gradually started to choose CM-obviously there were exceptions, and Matignon and others remained strong, but come tournament time, CM or BC, and one year Don Bosco, started winning all of the D 1 titles, while Matignon, AP, AC, started winning all of the D-2 titles. In 1991, the Division 1A tournament was formed, also called the Super 8. One reason was to create an elite tournament, and was to correct the imbalance of the Catholic schools dominating the Division 2 tournament. The so-called best 8 including the best Division 2 teams were "invited". D2 teams like , Matignon, Arlington Catholic, Acton-Boxboro, were invited in the early years if they were good enough. A few years later, these schools were elevated to Division 1. The format of the super 8 has changed many times in its short history, indicating its obvious flaws. First it was strict double-elimination, then double elimination with a single elimination final, then a round robin tournament. At some point it became a 10 team field with a "play-in" round. Bill Hanson, the CM coach, has publicly stated that he would like to see the 1A tournament be a single-elimination format for the excitement and upsets that are generated. He feels this way, even though the "second-chance" that the current format allows favors a strong team like his. BC High has appealed to the MIAA many times after losing to CM in the single elimination final, having to beat them twice in the previous double elimination format, and getting bumped out of the final round after tiebreaking procedures were applied in the first round robin format. MIAA-PICK A FORMAT AND STICK WITH IT. HAVE A 1A TOURNAMENT WITH THE BEST 8 TEAMS AND MAKE IT SINGLE ELIMINATION. DO NOT HAVE A PLAY IN THAT ALLOWS TEAMS TO LOSE IN TOURNEY PLAY, AND THEN PLAY IN A LOWER DIVISION.

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    SUPER 8

    Those players are good for their league. However, if they played most of their games in the catholic conference they wouldn't be top scorers. Look how many weak teams are in their league that they've racked up a ton of goals against. 10 against Wakefield, 8 against Melrose, 10 against Lexington, 8 against Belmont, 9 against Stoneham. That's 45 goals in just 5 games. How could they not have some top scorers? As far as I recall, the best they've done in a game against a good team (Woburn) was 3. When they played BC High recently they were totally outplayed and lost 5-2. Looks like they only competitive game they have left on their schedule is CM on Feb 19.
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    SUPER 8

    A couple of things...

    1) Both Belmont and Wakefied have a pretty decent shot to make the Div. I tournament, so I wouldn't discount the goals that those Reading kids scored against them. Ask some of those kids on BC High how good the Reading juniors are and they'll tell you...Those kids would be elite players on any team. By no means did BC High dominate that game. If you were there you saw that Reading hit a couple of posts and spent much of the game in the box. Not saying BC High wasn't the better team, but it was closer than 5-2 suggests. Kiley is a Div. I player and Toczylowski could be with some work.

    2) The "best player" from Stoneham that left their program is playing junior B hockey, which will get him nowhere -- just a big waste of money. He was a captain and totally abandoned his teammates... Just my opinion, but -- hey -- the truth hurts. I think each of the kids on that team has been pretty happy going 4-1-1 in their last six games without their "best player." It does take a lot more effort to turn things around than it does to jump ship.

    3. Any decent player could play four years of public high school hockey, and then PG or play junior somewhere to get looks from Div. I and Div. III saves the kid's parents a hell of a lot of money and still gets the player exactly what they're looking. I know several kids that have gone this route, and it has worked perfectly for them.