Taunton got shafted!!!

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    Taunton got shafted!!!

    what was the score
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    Taunton got shafted!!!

    Gentlemen, I was at the game and honestly I don't think either team deserved to win this game. Taunton came at them in spurts and then seemed to back off, BC seemed to be playing passive.

    O'Brien and Kinnell didn't do anything, Yanoolis was the man tonight. Olivieria from Taunton is a player as well.

    If this is what D1 is like then.....I just believe that these teams could've lost to anyone tonight. No one got shafted by the way. The call was actually a good call, a ballsy call by that ref. The coach seemed to be complaining that the ballhandler had gained seperation, but the rule is 6 feet. That is a long way, and you havbe to be in "legal guarding position" I thought he was in good position, it was just a tough time to try and dribble to beat a defense. WHY not pass the basketball??

    Good run Taunton, Good luck BC High.