Thursday at Stonehill

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    Thursday at Stonehill

    on the real the carver fans need to calm down and understand that it doesn't really matter how many fan busses are going to the game because a good team can play with all the noise. you need to give fairhaven credit and understand that carver beat case by 7 twice and by 1 the other time. fairhaven beat case by 12 and 31. I am aware that it is all how you match up with a team but we will see on gameday.
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    Thursday at Stonehill

    On Thursday at Stonehill in the division 3 semi finals it is going to be

    Fairhaven over Carver because i have seen both teams play and I think carver got lucky the other day against dedham and I think fairhaven is the better over all team. no team goes undefeated in a basketball season without losing sometime sorry carver.

    and then at 7:30

    it's going to be Archbishop Williams over the lady cardinals of Spellman. It is very very very hard to play a team three times in a season and beat them. Look at what Ursuline did to Rockland in the first round.

    and then on Sat at 10 AM @ U mass boston it is going to be

    Archies over Fairhaven in the division 3 finals