First let me say that I am happy I don't have to apologize to any one for predicting Wareham making it to the super bowl. Second I will say that Winthrop will have a tough task ahead of them. Hingham played a tough first half and hung in all game. The half score was 13-12 Hingham at the half. Hingham scored on two long runs by #21, sorry I don't have his name. However, Wareham made some excellent adjustments and outlasted Hingham to a 34-20 win.

I had originally picked Winthrop to be too much for Wareham to handle. After watching Wareham in a competitive game against a good team, I am officially changing my pick to a Wareham victory. I'm not taking anything away from a high powered Winthrop team. I know they are great and deserve all the credit and hype they have received. But after watching Wareham's defense pound Hingham, and their offense be multi-dimensional and put up 34 points on a team that only gave up 10.5 points per game during the season, I have to say that Wareham will give Winthrop a run for their money. Wareham looks unstoppable on both sides of the ball. The game will be a great one to watch.

Prediction: Wareham 30

Winthrop 28

Good luck to both teams!

Congratulations to the Wareham players for a great job. You are all great football players and gentlemen. You should be proud of the way you play and conduct yourselves on the field.

Great job to the Wareham coaching staff. Excellent job on your adjustments.