I will second that post. I remember our last game, vs Matignon (sp) in the mid-late 90's. Quite a few of my teammates were looking forward to the end of our season. They were burned out and played like it. While we were the more talented team and were the visiting team based on a coin-flip, we were run out of the gym and it is the last time most of our senior-laden team played a competitive game.

We see each other now and those of us who played harder than the others still have a feeling of betrayal towards those who tanked it. We're still friends but when our high school hoops days are brought up, we get a little quiet.

I'll never forget walking down the hall to my math class the next day and seeing some of those "players" joking about how bad the previous night's game had been and how they wouldn't miss it. Well, when we do get together, they do say that they miss it.

Remember, you are playing for more than yourselves. You are playing for your school, your friends, your family, your town, the alumni, your teammates...If you play your hardest and walk out of that gym with your head held high, you'll have no regrets, regardless of how close you or far you end up from a state championship.