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Most Encouraging Loss Ive seen in Some time..

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    Most Encouraging Loss Ive seen in Some time..

    Seriously. Maybe im getting old, but I just cant let a loss bring the rest of my day or week down.

    Would you rather have a struggling offense early in the year that you know will get better, or have a high flying offense early on with a defense that gives up 48 points?

    I'll take our position every day of the week. Im not bummed cuz I knew Cincy was legit esp. on Defense and I did not underate them. What I liked is that our D showed they can win a game. Did they? of course not, but how many times is this offense gonna score 6 points. Poor Playcalling by Joshy early on. He didnt get it going until it was too late. If they are playing man and pressing and blitzing up the middle, Where are the hot reads over the middle? They didnt drag the WR over the middle until that late Dobson play. Playcalling can Improve. Weve played without a TE for the 1st 5 weeks. Every other team that is playing well has a Good one, maybe 2. Hopefully Gronk returns vs the Saints.

    Mayo had maybe his best game as a pro, IMO. If he plays like THAT every week, you wont see many "Mayo Sux" threads

    Spikes had a Monster game as well and was  needed yesterday. Hightower was pulled early in favor Collins because of lack of effort. You guys still wanna drop Spikes? We have a good Crew. I hope they keep them together. DMC finally made a big play, but the offense squandered in the theme of the day. Hey, It happens. We are still 4-1, which many predicted, except a loss to ATL. WHo cares. 4-1 is 4-1.

    All morning I heard the fruads on EEI gushing about Manning and him scoring 27 pts a game more than us....smh. They dont know football. I would rather have a lower scoring Offense with a very good D which we have. Gonna need some help on the D line but we will be ok.  It was a  boring game, no doubt. Afterwards, I got over it real quick. No way Brady was gonna lead them back in that timely Down pour! Get back to Work, gotta have a good week of practice. Put those Chins up!

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    Re: Most Encouraging Loss Ive seen in Some time..

    Hightwoer certainly perked up against Miami I would opine with ten or so tackles....


    Just a quick tip:  Stop listening to EEI.....