...you will be the death of me.  Stop holding up traffic and scr#wing up my life.  That guy had to sit underneath that tree for 10 million years before either getting bored or having that woman chew his freak!n' ear off to eat that apple that That other woman told her would give her some inkling of brightness {she ate it 13 seconds later}...  Eh- Then again, Maybe he just got amazingly listless after 1000 years and ate it.


Editor's Note:  This message goes for men and women because I've learned in this life that ya don't got to be a Man to actually be a man or a woman...nor to actually be a woman to act like- well...these days just a woman, pl-ease: this should ALSO read in a well-balanced universe in a microcosmic AND macrocosmic scale: Man OR woman...as well. Women are KILLING me.  < The positive sentiment IS there... Please EVERY-one...do your work a favor today and try to do something to "man-up" or simply express your inner understanding lacksadasically strong masculinity.  Men and Woman...pl-ease.