"Lights Out", in Merriman's Brain?

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    Re: "Lights Out", in Merriman's Brain?

         From all reports I have read, Shawne Merriman has fully recovered from the knee injury, which caused him to miss the 2008 season. After a prodicious start to  his NFL career, Merriman has never been the same player, since being suspended for steroid use.      The Chargers' selection of DE/OLB Larry English with their 16th overall pick  surprised many pundits and football fans. One has to wonder whether Merriman is in fact fully recovered from his injury...whether there are still lingering suspicions of steroid use...whether the Bolt management has tired of Merriman's act, but on and off the field...or whether management, in selecting English, did so to acquire some leverage for Merriman's upcoming contract extension negotiations...in which the volatile DE/OLB will surely be asking for huge dollars.       The reasons could be any, or all of the above. One thing is certain...withouut Merriman in their line-up, the San Diego defense was unable to get any sustained pressure on opposing QBs last year. If the Chargers are to lose him due to injury or free agency, they must have a viable replacement, ready tto pick up the slack.       Recently, Merriman was furious, mouthing off how how his "football manhood" had been questioned...because some pundits have claimed that his off-field pursuits have had a negative impact on his play.       A psychologiical evaluation of this nimrod may be in order: http://www3.signonsandiego.com/stories/2009/apr/30/chargers-merriman-electricity193841/?chargers    
    Posted by TexasPat3

    TEX: Merriman [pre-surgery] is the best pass rusher in the league. He is out spoken at times, yes, but his desire to win cannot be questioned. This guy ended Priest Holmes career and has more sackes than anybody in his first 3 years. Pay him close to Harrison money IMO. You better hope the Jets dont pay him!
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    Re: "Lights Out", in Merriman's Brain?

    Merriman has essentially played 3 seasons in the NFL.  His first season he had 10 sacks, his 2nd he had 17, and his last season he had 12.5.  I dont really see where this steroid thing comes in.  He had 17 sacks he was suspended for 4 games.  In the 5 games he played in when he came back from suspension he had 8.5 sacks.  So when he came back from suspension he was sacking people at a higher rate than before the suspension.
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    Re: "Lights Out", in Merriman's Brain?

         Merriman while on 'roids was a monster. Since then, hes' still been a very good player...posting 12.5 sacks in 14 games in 2007. But, hes' not the same guy he wwas when on roids. Furthermore, theres' no question that management is ill at ease with him. With his contract year approaching, I believe that the Bolts are looking ahead towards life without Shawne. Thus, the English selection.       As for your comment on the Jets, let them sign Merriman...or anybody else they wish. It won't matter...they'll still find ways to lose.      How much better of a scenario could they have asked for than last year? Brady and numerous other key Patriot players gone for most of the year due ti injury. Miami, coming off a 1-15 season. The Bills being the Bills. Over $140 million spent on free agents, Broadway Brett, and the #6 overall pick in the 2008 draft. Yet they still found a way to lose...finishing in 3rd place in the AFC East. The QB that they saw fit to release leads the Dolphins to a division title...LOL!!  
    Posted by TexasPat3

    I disagree TEX. His level of play is the same as it was all along. I watch all the plays, there is no drop off. The beef with management comes from the fact that  AJ Smith did not want Merriman to do FOX SPORTS last year during the season while injured. That is the biggest point of contention.
    And in response to the Jet thing, I know the Jets would stink,your QB would be taking more hits though.
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    Re: "Lights Out", in Merriman's Brain?

    He is currently sporting a mohawk and has a nice "tat" on his neck. I know  freshmen in college who sport that look.

    Hate the game not the playa.