"PlayBook" on NFL Network

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    Re: "PlayBook" on NFL Network

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    Did anyone happen to catch this last night?  I dont want to beat a dead horse, and I figure some people have lightened up about the trade, but I thought it was telling.  Basically S.Sharpe and Theisman stated the same thing I did yesterday in regards to our offense "post-Moss era".  They pointed out that the last 2 weeks the Pats have already changed the offense to see how they owuld look w/out Randy....A few instances they lined up spread formation empty backfield, w/ NO moss on the field...and only 4 passes his way in the last 3 games...and only one in Miami, which was a fake spike,...so contrary to most believe...they have already shown success w/out Moss, and T.B under center is much more effective than the Gun, like I always said, get him under center, make then guess.  Its the element of surprise. Lastly both of them agreed the Randy strecthing the field thing is overrated.  They said these are NFL WR's,and if a team wants to ignore them running down the field, then Brady will make then pay.I think those were my exact words.   They are fast, and will make plays if left open.  The defense will have to account for a 4.3 guy running by you...no matter who you are.  How in the world do all the other teams move the ball and strecth the field w/out Moss on the field???   It can be Done and will be Done...Trust Me!
    Posted by patsfan76

    All very true. They probably realized they were going to less and less effort from Moss as the season progressed so either he was going to be gone or not effective. Either way it was time to start designing and perfecting a post Moss offense. They would have had to do it next year anyway.
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    Re: "PlayBook" on NFL Network

    Yup, I did.

    They are the only ones who can see it.  The rest of the media, as predicted, went anti-BB and act like BB is crazy and Brady is ticked off.

    Word is, Brady wanted Branch in here 3 weeks ago.

    That tells me, Brady lost confidence in Moss.

    You can think BB's drafts, his scout teams, etc, for scoring people like Edelman, Tate, Hernandez and Gronkowski AND signing Crumpler.

    These are very nice adds.

    This Woodhead guy is lethal on checkdowns, too.  You can't even see him!

    People see Moss on the jersey and just assume he's great. He is great!  But, he only runs certain routes. 

    Brady is better with versatility, not one dimensional styles.

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    Re: "PlayBook" on NFL Network

    Maybe we can all get along now?

    Funny how the attacks on this team's defense was really just a way of saying "I wish our offense was more consistent".

    Of course the D is young and has flaws, but it will improve as the season goes.

    What we shouldn't have been seeing is so many 3 and outs with this personnel.

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    Re: "PlayBook" on NFL Network

    Pochen, Moss isn't as effective in a more traditional offense which is what they are trying to use more of, thank god.

    This is highly likely why the Jets second half was so 2009ish and why Moss blew up at O'Brien at the half.

    I about went berserk when BJGE run fog 6 yards against Miami on the first drive and then they went right into the spread and 2nd and 4 and 3rd and 4, to go 3 and out, lose field position badly.

    And, then the D allowed Bess to score.

    Not totally surprising because Bess is pretty good, but why on earth would you go to a spread when they haven't even proven they can stop the run?????

    Run the ball!  Play action!

    Brady is the best play action QB in the NFL and they don't even use it!

    He just got top notch TEs for the first time in his career. Too bad if Moss doesn't want to be patient and be a team player. His loss.

    He'll never get a ring.
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    Re: "PlayBook" on NFL Network

    In Response to Re: "PlayBook" on NFL Network:
    Chris Carter always goes to bat for Randy. Look, Im not saying its a non-factor. But I disagree that having Randy makes you less predictable.  Most time w/ Randy we are in the gun...how predictable is that.   This team has always done good w/ Brady under center going back to last year, when it was seldom used but always produced. Everyone from me to Phill Simms noticed last year that we were effective under center. Thats when you have the surprise element.  2 major things to my argument.  1.)  How do other teams w/out Randy Moss move the Ball?  Same way as everyone else, Run, Run, Pass, or some sort of variation. 2.)  I think its easy for a defense to come into every game knowing they have to double Moss....How easy is it when you have 4 or 5 WR's all catching the same amount of balls. You cant key on one person and the fact you say Tate wont bring a safety just means he should make a play one on one. I'll take my chances all day with Tate in space w/ one guy as opposed to 2 guys on Randy and he doesnt catch anything... Thats my take, you can choose to see it Carters way, but these guys are Haters...most people just concentrated on us throwing the towel and failed to mention the trouble he was causing.  Rich Eisen is a Joke as well....get over urself buddy...
    Posted by patsfan76

    1. Cris Carter has a low IQ. This is the same guy who made a fool out of himself when the Walsh tapes came out live on ESPN.  They were edited down which proved they never left the camera. Yet, he still lied and slandered NE.

    2.  Carter is friends with Moss.

    I'll take a higher IQ and more obejectivity from NFLN than ESPN's agenda against the Pats.
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    Re: "PlayBook" on NFL Network

    Here is the Playbook link if anyone wants to watch the short video:

    Good stuff.

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    Re: "PlayBook" on NFL Network

    When Moss first came to the Pats, Brady could throw to him in a crowd and Moss would make a play on it.  I don't think we are losing that guy.

    The Pats are losing a guy that wasn't fighting for the ball and coming up with it.  He also has been short-arming balls.  Whether that comes from erosion of skills or lack of motivation will be known soon enough. Favre will be recklessly launching deep balls at Moss and we will see.

    Is losing the 2010 Moss a net gain? Only time will tell, but the Pats still have an array of weapons.  Tate has the speed to stretch the field.  I can't wait to see him get the ball with some room to maneuver.