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#!@#$ Richard Sherman!!

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    Re: #!@#$ Richard Sherman!!


    The NFL has confirmed Shermans he is in.

    I think they are the most likely SB team now from the NFC. More than GB.

    Hope the Pats meet them...passing 58 times and giving up the deep ball will not happen the second time around.

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    Re: #!@#$ Richard Sherman!!

    In response to 49Patriots' comment:

    I'd take Sherman anyday of the week, me thinks redsox94 forgot how the dynasty defense used to run their mouths...


    Especially Rodney Harrison, he ran his mouth all day. In fact, he was considered the dirtiest player in the league. 

    Sorry man but comparing Rodney to this tool is an insult to Rodney. I don't usually wish ill will on players but seeing Sherman with his leg facing the wrong way would make my day. I hate that SOB that much!

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    Re: #!@#$ Richard Sherman!!

    unfortunately, a lot of top flight cbs and wrs in particular are brash, overconfident guys who live on the edge. playing in space where you're often either a hero or a goat helps breed it. it's the one on one speed thing. catch a td/drop one, etc. many of these guys come from rough backgrounds and have probelmatic pasts. they talk a lot, act irrationally sometimes, and have off the field problems. it goes with the territory. sherman is one of the best cbs in the game and would sure would look good in a patriots jersey. doesn't mean the patriots have to chase every problem child and they certainly do their best with vetting free agents and college players, but if you want choir boys only on your team you'll be looking at a lot of losses. it's the reality of the league and its players. i'm sure the pats will do their best to sign talib and if they do the chances are at some point he'll have a problem. they're usually careful how they structure these deals with these kinds of players though. they'll give up some bonus money and take some hits sometimes but they usually don't get tied down in long term arrangements with players who have issues. dillon; moss got extensions after behaving, and when they wear out there welcome they get shipped out, but teams in all leagues will put up with some trouble commensurate with the players talent. exceptional talent gets away with a little more. but problem players (ala TO; ochocinco) are gone as soon as they are no longer worth the headaches. good news is that the system in foxboro is very strong, they have a veteran coach who commands respect, a respected owner, a respected vetran qb, a respected all pro vetran lineman, and a host of veterans who buy in so it's that much harder to come to new england and act up. doesn't prevent all of the off the field stuff as we all know, but there is a deterrent factor.  

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    Re: #!@#$ Richard Sherman!!

    In response to CaptainZdeno33's comment:

    Are you serious? Dennard punched a cop in the face and you're taling about a sarcastic comment? My god, I'd take Sherman on my team any day of the week.


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    Re: #!@#$ Richard Sherman!!

    Seattle seems to be Eagles West...the fans and players already are celebrating a superbowl

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    Re: #!@#$ Richard Sherman!!

    Not sure I can agree with that one krismk, you may not like Seattle for running their mouths but comparing them to Philly is crazy. This is a well balanced, young team taking a lot of chances and they're paying off.

    The problem with this team will be coaching........Pete Carroll will continue to take chances and against good caliber playoff teams will cost them.


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