YEP TALKING About that other football.. klinsmann has changed the culture. pulled a belichik by giving the boot to his star player captain and formerly indispensable landon donovan who refused to buy in. they struggled for a while but by bringing in a new young core that would buy in , he now owns the culture. once done, brought back compliant older guys esp those playing his style in europe .. then the rebellious landon came back on his knees and agreed to earn his way back from the bottom. to his credit, he has scored like 4 goals in 3 games and is now in the mix.

this team is loaded. ratings are going thru the roof, US is skyrocketing the charts and most of all are beating and competing with traditionally elite teams incl holland who they had blowed out til late. this team isnt even close to peaking. they will bring momentum to brazil for the world cup. brazil should b the fave with that huge home field edge, hate to b a ref going against them in that rabid environment. but if US make a huge showing with this exciting new style, dont b shocked if world FOOTBALL is the new #3 sport with a bullet. US football, basketball, world football and dying baseball and niche hockey will b the new pecking order.