Both QB's put up record breaking numbers, high scoring offense with different recievers every year, hot and cold running games, bend but don't break defenses.

Both teams ruled the AFC East with no true competition from within the division. (good games played but the outcome remained the same).

Brady tops Marino with SB wins and appearances, but that ride is over.

If you go back and look at the Dolphins winning % and division record and replace Dolphins with Pats you will see the similarities.

Both teams ruled the division going at worse 4-2.... sometimes 6-0. With that advantage both only needed to win 4 or 5 gamesout of the 10 remaining games to have a 10 plus win.

Yes they still had to perform to win those games but thats only .500 football if you truly look at it.

If your old enough to remember those Marino teams; think about all the names you called Marino,how he had all the lucky breaks, the team got all the calls...sound fimiliar.

Brady was at his best when he had competition from within the P.Manning/V.Testverde/C.Pennington*...(*I know not the greatest QB but he won games for the Jets and made them better)  

Until the AFC East gets competive from within One team divisions are not going far