Each game this year like most of you, I was kicking/screaming about the lack of depth and void at the receiver position. And I dont think void is to strong a word. Moss IMHO is a top 3 rec all time and had a very good year. Wes was WES and performed great, after that it was like a cliff and just dropped off to no bottom. I think my problem was a little different than the rest of you though, in this respect. Yes there was a huge hole at the 3rd rec. spot, but I think it went alot further than that. This team as a whole doesnt have any consistent scoring threats besides 81, Im not sure alot of you quite understand that. We only have one player that the opposing D really has to worry about. IMHO teams are more than happy to give up the underneath all day, and we have no choice but to play into it because of our personal. I think we need to use WW injury as an oppurtuity to get better. I know that may sound atrocious to some of you, but theres no reason not to. I really like Wes, I though he was a great slot rec, but if you want to be a great team you need a couple of weapons at rec, including the tight end. And Im saying Brandon Marshell would fill a huge part in the void we have there. IMHO he's a top 3 rec and no less than a top five guy. He catches everything thrown to him, uses the whole field and can take a 10yard bubble screen to the end zone. He has a great short-mid range game and has good enough speed to get down the field. Hes a matchup nightmare for anyone, is as good as anyone in terms of YAC, and has no problem turning and squaring his shoulders to try and run over someone. Were talking about a guy who catch a 100 balls, gain 12-1300 yards and pull in 8/9 td's. If he were here I could see him putting up those same numbers if not better, theres no reason he couldnt grab 3-5 more TD's and maybe a few more yards. Something else I really like and can tell you alot about someones game is the other talent around that player. Moss did it longer and put up bigger numbers, but they both have had monster seasons with mediocre/terrible QB's. Moss played with guys like George(a pick and stick guy), Ferrotte(who was..well, Gus Frerrotte!), Brooks, Walter, Marcus ISUCKO, Kerry Collins, Cunningham(who has good but dragged out of retirement), and Culpepper(who fumbled 54 times in 69 games). Oh yea that future HOF Matt Cassell. Marshell also played with Jeff George, and most recently Klye Orten, who isnt terrible, but is a limited QB in many respects. Marshell is only 26, hes in his prime, isnt a fluke by any measure, can get better, and again hes a top 5 receiver who can be a true number one(when 81 leaves) for at least 6-8 years. Sometimes we ignore the obviious and I think were doing that here for whatever reason. If were going to try and get him we better get serious soon, there are reports that Seahawks are very interested, along with the 49ers. Another team that I heard is interested is the jokes. Edwards is a free agent this year and I heard the team is anything but happy with him, which isnt hard to believe. Hes drop a couple of important balls for them since he arrived, two for TD's and one of those was in the playoffs. Marshell would be a huge improvment for them as he would be most teams.