Sux , yea I know LOL.  
       Ok I want to talk a little about the Pats D and the style they play. Im not sure alot of you know this, but there are a couple of different styles to the thirty four defense. I dont want to get in to who started what , when , etc. So Im going with from what I know, and this is by no means a full explanation of each system. I just want to briefly give a little description of each, and how it effects our draft. There is the "modern" Phillips 3-4 which is largely a one-gap system, meaning D-linemen are responsible for one gap between the O-line. Think the Cowboys/Chargers. Then we have the Lebeau 3-4 which might be my fav, I think he's a genius. This is a 3-4 zone-blitz in which you must have agile linemen to drop back in coverage and place a real emphasis on your backers to put pressure on the QB. All 3-4 D's  depend on your OLB to get to the QB, but IMO not as much as in the Lebeau version. That brings me to the version we run the Fairbanks-Bullough system.  Now this is the most dynamic of the 3 and you need to have versatile backers because of how much the tasked with. These linebackers are charged with not only rushing the QB, but dropping into coverage, and making the big tackle against opposing running backs and tight ends. Now the rock of the 3-4 is the NT, but I think in our version the D-End is extremely important. Now I believe this because of how much responsiblity our backers have. In the F/B system you need a bigger, stronger end and need him to provide a little pressure as well as occupy two blockers. That is why I believe getting a solid end is as important in getting an OLB. Now everyone knows we need a pass rush, but I really think some of you are just saying it to fit in, sound like you what your talking about, whatever. Thats all I hear, get a pass rush and we'll be fixed, I cant believe some are actually saying this. Now Im someone who believes this D has big holes in alot of places, DE, ILB/OLB, both S's, and CB. Now I dont know about they rest of you , but I think this defense needs a couple of studs, a couple of guys who can come in from day one and ball out. Now theirs a few guys that Im really big on in this years class. Berry is a freak , if theres anything chance, any at all that he falls out of the top ten I really think hes worth trading up for. Lets say hes at 11-12 just for kicks, I really believe he is worth trading our first, one of our 2's and a 6th. Thats just me, but I think guys like Reed, and Troy only come around once-twice every 10-12 years. And IMHO Berry could be better than both, first he's a major ballhawk and after he does get an INT he can bring it back with the best of them. I think T-Buck is the only guy that has more yards after an INT. Plus he'd fit in perfect to the PATS system, where they ask the S to play the run and pass. I also love McClain, he can play in either a 3-4/4-3 D, rush the QB a little and be one of the best M/ILB in the game for the 10-12 years. Then theres guys like Haden and Thomas, both I believe are top ten talents. Ive been high on Thomas since last year, he'd look great in a PATS uniform. As I said earlier I think we really need a stud, but if were locked in on getting an  OLB I think we could get a good one with our first second round pick. I really dont think Hughes is that much better than Bowman or Kindle is so much better than Weatherspoon. I hate to say it , but this year might actually a good year for that. Another guy I really like is Brendon Graham, I think he be great for us at 6'2 / 270 hes a bigger guy who can rush the passer and with a lil' help good against the run. I think Graham, Kindle, and even Hughes could all fall into the second. I think theres been so many duds the last couple of years teams will back off until then or late first. I have 4 maybe 5 DT's going in RD1 along with 7-8 O-line going as well. Unless were really high on a OLB I think we can get a good one in RD2. If we trade into early second I think theres a chance we could get Odrick, Bowman, and maybe a good rec like Tate/Lafell/ or Benn. Last year I was sick because we had a chance to fill both our needs at OLB/ILB. If we played it well we could have had Matthews and either Maualuga/Laurinaitis, I cant believe we fu*ked that up. The fact that we still have those holes at those positions is beyond me, I really dont understand it. Anyway I know this was long, but the PATS have "long" problems on D and this draft could fill some major holes.