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- THE - Way or the Highway

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    - THE - Way or the Highway

    I know im just adding to the problem here, but most of you are a bunch of whiny little girls. 

    You have every right as a fan to disagree with a pick, or wish we took someone else, or thought that we would be better off with player A instead of player B.  As a fan, its fun to make your own drafts and hope for individual players.  Your naturally going to be upset when the team doesnt do it the way you want them to.  Im fine with that.

    However, if you dont like the way the Pats do business, if you dont like that we trade down a lot, cast a wide net, look for value above all else, and occasionally take risks by reaching for our guy... THEN why are you a flipping Patriots Fan?!  Bill Bellicheck is thought to be one of the greatest coaching minds ever to come into exsitence!  If you dont like his style, then you dont like the PATRIOTS style, because he defines it.

    So hate the pick, thats fine, but if you hate the way the Pats operate, find another team to root for and stop telling us all about it!  You all sound the same, and the noise is getting tiresome.
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    Re: - THE - Way or the Highway

    In response to "Re: - THE - Way or the Highway":
    Are you saying fans should rubber stamp everything BB does? Posted by BabeParilli
    He's saying if you spend 90% of your time complaining about a team that wins 90% of its games than maybe you're just a whiner who isn't happy with anything.
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    Re: - THE - Way or the Highway

    I know it was a lot of words, but you have to read the post bud.  Here are the highlights.

    -You cant be a pats fan and despise the very things that make them who they are.

    -Refer to the post of Shenanigan for any questions :)