09' Team has talent, but 08' Team had more Heart!

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    Re: 09' Team has talent, but 08' Team had more Heart!

    In Response to 09' Team has talent, but 08' Team had more Heart!:
    How did we have a better team last year with Cassel at Qb. and Hobbs and O'Neal at CB...?!?!?  You have to admit the 08 team was less talented..but I wished we had as much heart as this team

    I think it all comes down to some bad drafts. 2006-07 especially. In the past several years we have lost Willie, Phifer, Hamilton, Colvin, Johnson, Ty, Dick Seymour, Rodney, Bruschi, and Vrabel. We really haven't done a good job replacing them until 2008-09 drafts. So there is an huge gap with only Wilfork,Warren, and Green (and I guess Banta Cain) carrying the torch from 2003-04. We can't expect the heart to just catch on like an infectious disease. And D-lineman aren't really the excitable types that spark a team like Tedy and Rodney.

    The cure? We need to bring in guys at leadership positions on D (LB and safety) that, and here is the key, can also MAKE PLAYS. Look how it worked for the Saints (Darren Sharper). Jason Taylor would be great. Peppers would be nice, though not sure he is a leader. Heck, I'd take Joey Porter at this point.
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