I am so tired of hearing that Patriot fans don't get loud for the games.  We are the most passionate, diehard sports fans in the country, and there is no reason for any of us to come home with a voice after Sunday!  If you see someone sitting and not cheering, smack them in the head and tell them to stand the F#*& up and get LOUD!  One turnover can win this game and crowd noise can be the "player" that makes it happen!

“The biggest thing is when little things start to maybe go against you a little bit, their crowd can get into it a little bit and possibly cause some things that if you were at home wouldn’t happen,’’ Flacco said. “Last year, up in Pittsburgh, we fumbled a snap because we couldn’t hear, nobody could hear. We were just off with it. If we were at home, that would have never happened because everybody would have been able to hear my voice clearly.