2009-2010 NFL Predictions

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    2009-2010 NFL Predictions


    1. New England (return of God aka Tom Brady means Pats back on top)

    2. Miami (don't catch people by surprise like last year but still respectable)

    3. Buffalo (have good offensive weapons just still can't get over the hump)

    4. NY Jets (start the season off slow and are never able to build momentum)


    1. Pittsburgh (returning champs prove to be team to beat)

    2. Baltimore (defense suffers a bit with its loses, not able to live up to last year)

    3. Cincinnati (will do better than people expect still not playoff caliber)

    4. Cleveland (still in "rebuilding" mode, again)


    1. Indianapolis (once again one of the top teams in AFC)

    2. Tennessee (defense takes hit, but still a solid team)

    3.  Houston (my sleeper pick of the year, finally get winning record!)

    4. Jacksonville (might make noise just in too strong of division)


    1. San Diego (competition is weak and SD will take advantage of that)

    2. Kansas City (my other surprise team of the year, good not great year for Cassel)

    3. Denver (stock has quickly falling, proof that there is only one Hoodie)

    4. Oakland (still as dysfunctional as ever)


    1. Philadelphia (an extremely dangerous team without Vick, will be one of top teams in NFC)

    2. NY Giants (Manning misses Plax, but defense steps up and gets it done) 

    3. Washington (defense improves, still not top dog in division)

    4. Dallas (Wade Phillips last year in Dallas as team stumbles)


    1. Green Bay (Aaron Rogers finally settles into role as QB)

    2. Minnesota (Favre disappoints)

    3. Chicago (Cutler is a good QB, with no weapons, defense can't do eveything)

    4. Detroit (hey, they have no where to go but up!)


    1. Atlanta (Matt Ryan beats sophmore slump, team continues to be great)

    2. New Orleans (offense is great once again, defense is able not to be a liability) 

    3. Carolina (even with great 1-2 punch at RB, they fall to average team)

    4. Tampa Bay (something has to give in such a good division, they become the team the others beat up on)


    1. Arizona (just like SD, weak competition and explosive offense leads to another playoff berth )

    2. Seattle (improve on last year just not good enough)

    3. San Francisco (will be fighting with Seattle for #2 spor)

    4. St. Louis (will be one of the worst teams in NFL)


    East: New England 

    North: Pittsburgh 

    South: Indianapolis 

    West: San Diego 

    Wild Card 1: Tennessee

    Wild Card 2: Houston 


    East: Philadelphia 

    North: Minnesota 

    South: Atlanta 

    West: Arizona 

    Wild Card 1: NY Giants 

    Wild Card 2: New Orleans

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    Re: 2009-2010 NFL Predictions

    The only prediction you'll need....      19-0!!!
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    Re: 2009-2010 NFL Predictions

    Seems like Parcell's teams always sag in the 2nd year as the Tuna act gets old.  I don't think Miami is better than 8 - 8 this year and more than likely 7 and 9.  They really don't have much talent. 

    I think the AFC east is a weaker division this year than last...more like 2 years ago.
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    Re: 2009-2010 NFL Predictions

    I pick the Vikings as the biggest disappointment. It's pretty sad when you get excited about a 40 year old Brett Farve being signed to be your starting quarterback. Did the front office personnel of the Vikings actually watch any of last years lowlights of his season with the Jets or I they that desperate. 

    I guess that’s what happens when your fans have to wait more than 30 years to see your team play in the super bowl. We are very lucky as Pats fans. I have been able to watch my team play in 6 super bowls in my lifetime already.

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    Re: 2009-2010 NFL Predictions

    In Response to Re: 2009-2010 NFL Predictions:
    The only prediction you'll need....      19-0!!!
    Posted by rpn123321

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    Re: 2009-2010 NFL Predictions

    AFC East 

    Patriots - 13-3 
    NY Jets -   9-7
    Buf Bills -  8-8
    Dolphins -  5-11

    AFC North

    Steelers - 14-2 
    Ravens  - 13-3
    Browns -   8-8
    Bengals -   7-9

    AFC South 

    Texans -  13-3
    IN Colts - 12-4
    TE Titans- 11-5
    Jaguars -  2-14

    AFC West

    Chargers - 13-3
    Raiders   -  8-8
    KC Chiefs-  1-15
    Broncos -   1-15

    NFC East 

    PH Eagles - 14-2
    NY Giants - 10-6 
    Redskins -    7-9
    Cowboys -    6-10  

    NFC North

    Vikings - 13-3
    Packers - 12-4
    Bears -    9-7
    Lions -     1-15

    NFC South

    Falcons - 14-2 
    Saints -  10-6
    TB Buccs - 2-14 
    Panthers - 1-15

    NFC West 
    SF 49ers -   6-10
    Seahawks - 5-11
    Cardinals - 3-13
    SL Rams - 1-15
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    Re: 2009-2010 NFL Predictions

    No winning team in the NFC West.

    I like that.

    Last season gave us a .500 division champion plus a 9-7 team that really had no business in the playoffs come within a whisker of the Lombardi Trophy. Why not a division winner with a losing record?

    That said, I'm going straight chalk and prediciting New England over Philadelphia in the Super Bowl.
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    Re: 2009-2010 NFL Predictions

    This year will be a shot at redemption and correct history (2007). . . 19 - 0.