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2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

    Tex those are fine grades.

    A couple points I noticed is that Dimitroff and Pioli were both here for the horrible drafts of 06 + 07 and Pioli for 08. BB was alone for the last draft which appears to be the best in the last 4 years.

    Not only that but you mention how rookies Chung and Brace disappoint but they rarely saw the field. Brace was inactive for most games and one game late in the season they only gave him the first five snaps and then benched him. If a rookie is struggling giving him only five snaps to figure out the problem probably isn't enough time.  Chung was decent in his limited role at least he made a few plays 2 sacks and a int. Second year player Wheatly hasn't played at all since the preseason where he was burned worse than deltha but I have to believe a second rounder gets a least one more preseason to show what he can do. Either way Wheatly can't be any worse than Hobbs was.

    Burgess wasn't as bad as people make him out to be. He came on towards the end of the season with 3 consecutive games with a sack. He often generated some pressure but was too late to get a qb hit or sack. His run d was a little better than TBC as well although its like comparing bruised apples to determine which one is worse.

    I thought going into this year that Jgreen should have been cut. Its now been 2 almost 3 seasons since he has been productive.

    In terms of the Oline the Pats should really consider upgrading the center position Koppen maybe really smart but he gets pushed around all game. For the most part Brady can deal with pressure from the outside because he steps up in the pocket but when the middle collapses and he is forced outside is when he starts to have big trouble. This will be huge next year because the Pats play some killer teams with great nose tackles or Dtackles. 2 games against Kris Jenkins, Ravins Nata, Vikings Williams, Pitt Casey Hampton, SD Jamal Williams, Clev Shawn Rogers... thats alot of talent that Koppen will have to man up against next year.

    I do agree that the Pats can return to elite status with just a few but brilliant moves.
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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

     Wow. It looks even worse than I remembered once you write it all down. And you may have been generous in a few spots (OL-TE-ST). Still, I don't think they are too far gone for a quick return to the top. It seems to me that the thing the Patriots were missing the most was the fire of Tedy-Rodney-Mike. Even players that had it in the past, like Brady and Moss seemed to be lacking it.
     Can someone tell me why, all of a sudden, letting Gafney go was a bad move? Granted they needed to do more to replace him, but letting him go was not a mistake. I would have personally given him a ride out of town after most games.
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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

    I think the Overall grade for WR may be high, I do agree with Moss and Welkers scores though. 
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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

    uncommon right on about next years schedule. Seems brutal.
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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

    cyber Gaffney was important in the aspect that he could play all three wide receiver positions, understood what a sight adjustment was and could run crisp accurate routes. He may not have been the fastest or the best hands but he was what the Pats lacked all year long a consistent viable third target. If you can think back to 2007 he had actually overtaken the 3rd reciever sport from Stallworth for a period of the season and everyone would agree that stallworth was a much faster deepthreat. Sometimes it the combinations of skills that make a person valuable like Troy Brown who wasn't the greatest any anything but was reliable and consistent.
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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

    Tex, how would you grade BB, Offence and Defense Coordinators (individually)?
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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

    TP pretty much spot on as usual.  I am total Brady rumpswab, and he really struggled at times.  My sincere hope is that it was a combo of OL, play-calling, lack of 3rd WR/TE production, and returning from a truly devastating knee injury.  I truly believe he will returne to top 3-5 status next season.  RB a concern, but far from the top of the list.  I think a good team can get by with serviceable RBs - SD, Indy, Dallas, Arizona to name a few.  Need a #3 WR and TE.  Think Baker is a solid #2, but need a threat there.  The left side w/Volmer and Mankins (if re-signed) looks solid, but right side and even center go from average (Koppen) to oft-injured (Neal) to awful (Kazcur).  Interesting to see what they do with Light/Volmer combo.  A stud LT in the draft with Volmer shifting to RT could be dynamite. 

    Defensive side of the ball - sign Wilfork.  Guy was fantastic, even playing DE with lack of production there on/off all season.  Warren decent, and Wright a solid backup (don't think he can survive as a full-timer).  Fingers crossed one of the rookies pans out, and they sign another productive DT.  ILB is set with Mayo.  He is above average, and imo will improve next season.  Guyton is ok, but just might not be talented enough to be the every down guy.  OLB as you mentioned is the BIGGEST NEED for 2010.  Elite pass rusher would make all the difference in the world.  Look what TBC did w/nothing on the other side.  Burgess and AD - buh bye!!  TBC is a bit player, but w/a Freeney DE/OLB-type, he may even produce more pass rush.  The safeties appear to be ok.  So much pressure on them to be perfect w/lack of pass rush and not so great CBs.  Butler has some upside, Springs aging quickly (still w/2 more yrs), Bodden contract up (he was ok), and Wilhite Canty is AWFUL. 

    Personnel can be questioned, but good point about this draft class perhaps being the deepest w/o Pioli or Dimitroff as compared the last 3 drafts.  Relatively speaking, but FA signings did not pan out.  Eerily reminds of 2002 - S.Martin and V.Green or 2005 - M.Biesel and C.Brown.  Not one of those guys could play anymore, so I look to see a couple of big splashes this off season.  OC will get another year, but will be intersting to see what they do on the DC side - maybe the whiz-kid Patriska (sp?).  All told w/expectations sky-high this season was a failure.  If consecutive years, then it could a long haul rebuild.  Hard to get too fired up about the schedule, as half of those good teams will regress next season, as they usually do. 

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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

    Tex: I agree with you completely this is truly crossroads time for the Pats organization- they can regroup and repair and rediscover the "Patriot's Way"- or they can bottom out and be unrecognizable as the team we've known this past decade and continue to struggle to find their compass and winning ways.
    The 2009 team was just plain "flat"- no chemistry.
    Any thoughts on who in or out of the organization would be best suited to work with BB on defense and offense?
    More than the disappointments of play on the field- I found the coaching decisions, lack of creativity in play calling, and inability to adjust the biggest head scratcher.
    Wes Welker is the team MVP. If he tackles his rehab like he plays the game- the odds are in his favor for a good recovery. Delay of surgery while MCL heals is what may keep him from starting 2010 season- but I honestly expect to see him at some time in 2010.
    A whole lot of work to do by the organization in the off season.
    Let's hope they put the pieces together again.

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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

    TP I think your grading the Pats on a brutal curve. First of all, most fans way overrated this team going into September. I never thought they looked all that great in the preseason and most of us (including myself and especially the media) figured they would just turn it on once the season started. A lot of people were predicting 14 or more wins on this site which was completely unreasonable. They never really adressed their pass rush problem in the offseason. Maybe they thought a healthy Adalius Thomas would solve this issue and maybe they thought they would get some coverage sacks with Bodden and Springs but their biggest need in the last offseason was a pass rush and they ignored it almost completely. Luckily the Pats got to play Buffalo twice or their pedestrian sack statistics would be even more pathetic. Grabbing a has been retread like Burgess is the type of move teams like Buffalo or Washington try to get by with, not the Patriots.
        Therefore, a non playoff team with major defensive issues, which are compounded by the subtraction of several ageing yet still good football players (Harrison, Vrabel, Seymour) are expected to win the super bowl despite having it's best player coming off a horrendous injury and struggling during much of the preseason with accuracy and timing. I believe this team probably achieved about as much as should have been expected. There was not enough talent on this team to realistically expect a Super Bowl championship. I'm not trying to criticize my fellow fans who felt the return of Brady meant in the minimum an AFC championship appearrance should be expected (heck for three quarters in Indy they looked like absolute world beaters).
       I do agree with you stongly that they are at a major crossroads. The Jets (please Chargers, kill these guys) and Dolphins are coming on strong. Our reputation for being able to put teams away, and never giving up leads is completely in tatters. Teams no longer look at NE on their schedule and just assume "well that's probably a loss." The future of this team has less to do with coach Belichek and a lot more to do with the "GM" Belichek. We saw in 2008 he can coach players up but even Lombardi couldn't have won in Detroit these past few seasons. If Belichek can find a few more Samuals and Seymours in the draft the Patriots will be fine. Unfortunately you can't measure what makes a player like Rodney Harrison in the combines. He was the most aggressive hardest working defensive player and leader I ever saw wear a Pats uniform. He was the John Hannah of this Patriots defense since 2003. It was no coincidence that they went from good to great when he got to New England and seemed to be mediocre whenever he got hurt (a lot unfortunately).
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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

    How bad is the Pat's offensive line?  TexPat says it's one on the worst in the league.  Is that accurate?  Does he have any facts to back that up?  I think fans of most teams in the NFL are critical of their offensive lines and secondaries.  Fans generally see any sacks, stuffed running plays or blown coverages as completely unexceptable player failings when it happens against their teams. Interestingly, when their WR beats someone for a TD, it's a great play, not a fireable offense by the opposing DB.

    So what evidence that NE has one of the worst OLs in the league?  29 teams gave up MORE SACKS than the Pats. Sure, Brady does help in that regard, but finishing 3rd in lowest sacks allowed is relavant.  NE finished in the middle of the pack in rushing yds/att.  Part of that probably had to do with poor RB play. 

    Cold Hard Football Facts rates several catagories, including OFFENSIVE HOGS:
    Final 2009 Offensive Hog Index
     Team YPA NPP% 3down% #Avg 
    1New Orleans4.5375.84344.6765.3
    6tNew England4.12215.08143.69810.0
    10Green Bay4.27149.622047.03312.3
    12N.Y. Giants4.15198.011242.86913.3
    13San Diego3.33326.61544.39714.7
    YPA – Yards Per Attempt. So simple, even you can understand it. This rates a team's ability to run the ball effectively.
    NPP% Negative Pass Plays, expressed as a percentage. This is how often a team's pass plays end in either a sack or interception. 
    3down% – Success rate on third down the higher the percentage, the greater the offensive success and the better the offensive line.

    NE was tied for 6th overall.  Not the best but certainly not as bad as TexPat contends.  I like Seabass a lot and would start him at LT moving Light to RT for the last year in his contract.  $4.6/1 yr deal is fair for a starting RT without a long-term commitment.  Maybe move Kaczur to RG or cut him.  Keep Kopen and resign Mankins.  Draft an OL in the 2nd round to replace Light or RG the following year to bring in some youth to the line. 

    A better RB would make the OL look a lot better as well.  Seabass protecting Brady's blind side would help us all sleep at night.  But I see sever other areas of higher need than a complete revamping of the NE Patriots Offensive Line.
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    Re: 2009 Patriots' Final REPORT CARD

    TP3:   Good job as usual.  I can't disagree with any of what you've written.  It's pretty depressing to read, but accurate IMO.
    However, there is hope.  As rigid as BB may appear on camera I think he's shown repeatedly that if something is broken he will get it fixed, even if it means cutting FA's he brought in, etc.
    That being said, these next 5 months are even more critical than the last 5.  They need to assess the roster top to bottom and get rid of the flotsam and jetsam.  Then turn their attention to FAs and the draft.  They are well positioned for a return to greatness.  Most important is who BB listens to in this process.
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