2010 defense

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    2010 defense

    2010 defense- hard hitters or getting whipped by quaterbacks? No vets on the team just rookies and even more after next years draft? what do yo think??? I am a little nervous about chung. Also any of the DB going to make an impact, I keep seeing wilhite getting burnt on some big plays??????
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    Re: 2010 defense

    signing VW is critical. pass rush is critical. DBs that can cover is critical. Other than that were good Cool
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    Re: 2010 defense

    So many things to consider for 2010.  The thing that sticks out for me is the Patriots still need OLBs next year.  Not impressed with what's there now.  ILB I'm fairly comfortable with. 

    These next three games and the playoffs (if we make it) will be telling on the young DBs. 

    Chung -- At the very least he's a force on special teams.  I think the brain has to catch up with the physical skills. 

    Butler--Good speed, has gotten burned, has made good plays too.  Probably a work in progress.

    Bodden--Good but I'm not sold that he's a shut down corner.  Butler perhaps in the future. 

    Wilhite and Weatley--hate to say it, but neither of these guys are the answer IMO.  They'll probably stay on until other players emerge or a rookie supplants them.  
    Safety-- McGowan is a find.  Sanders is a backup but nothing more.  Merriweather is putting it together but still tends to make that big mistake--runs hot and cold. One game he looks like a world beater and the next he disappears or get's burned on a big play. 

    D-line is another trouble spot.  Does Wilfolk leave or get released?  Warren is probably past his prime.  Green is good but not a game changer.  Pryor has potential but who knows what's going with Brace.  Pats need a pass-rusher.  

    Still early but at least there's the begining of a youth movement.