Wow I have taken some time off from starting another thread to absorb what others are writting about and thinking about what I am learning about this years draft and the picks we have and so on.

Now after all this I have come to a conclusion... I think the Patriots are going to do something shocking in this draft and I think I know what it will be in general (specifics could varry but I think this will be the net result)...

I think the Splash they decide to make will be they move up in round one but here is the kicker... I think they do it w/o using pick #22. Obviously that leaves one of 2011's 1st rounders to make that move and on top of that they make that move only if they can keep a total of 4 picks or better in rounds 1 & 2.

I may be wrong here but the more I look at the players they could take by moving up I can't help but thinking the Patriots won't do it considering they are one of maybe three teams with the bullets to make a brash move like that.