2010 Draft, Players gone?

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    2010 Draft, Players gone?

    So this offseason should be interesting. I am not as up on contract status so feel free to correct me but isn't it possible the following players will be gone next year, some as free agents leaving and some being cut in the last year of their contracts to create cap space?
    Gone for sure...Watson, Faulk, Neal, Bodden, Green and Springs.
    Possible goners....Mankins, Light, Taylor, Morris, Burgess, Thomas, Wilfork, Sanders.
    I included Sanders because you can't pay your 4th safety over 3 million a year.
    So that is a dozen or so solid contributors that could be gone after this season. I am sure Pats will retain a few, hopefully Mankins and Wilfork at the top of the list, but there is bound to be some serious turnover this offseason.
    So here is aa admittedly amatuer look at the possible needs/draft question by position.
    QB.....It still boggles my mind that in a month or so the Pats could be something like 9-4 and headed for the playoffs and Tom falls awkwardly on his shoulder and we close out the season with an undrafted free agent QB. I just don't get it. Is there one Pats fan out there who would want to go into the playoffs if TB was hurt with Hoyer instead of say a Jeff Garcia?
    The only QB that would excite me in the draft is if Ark Ryan Mallett came out and Pats could snare him with their own pick in the 2nd round. Otherwise nobody excites me.
    RB..... Everyone wants CJ Spiller but I don't think he falls to end of 1st round. I like the Stanford kid Toby Gerhart with one of our picks in the 2nd round. And then the USC kid Stephon Johnson with a 4th rounder. John Clay of Wisconsin might come out and he would be a good pick in 2nd round as well.
    WR..... If Pats really believe in Tate and Edelman then the need to draft another WR is not that great. To bad, because WR Jordon Shipley of Texas is one of my all-time favorite college players. He is the second coming of Raymond Berry and Gino. The kid is pure football. I'd love to see Pats take him in second round but it probably ain't gonna happen. And the 6'5" Missouri WR Alexander who has come back from all those injuries would be a great pick in the 3rd (yes, I know we don't have one, but trades happen).
    TE....seems obvious one of the top four picks has to be used on a TE since Watson leaving seems a foregone conclusion. I like both of the injured kids - Gresham of OU and Gronkowski of AZ, Hopefully they both would be available with one of the picks we have that should be in top ten of second round.
    OT....With Kazur getting extended and Vollmer apparently a player, the need here doesn't seem strong. And I hope they do keep Light for the final year of his contract, but they might not. I can't see them using a high pick on an OT this year, but maybe a fourth rounder on a small school kid with upside like the Vlad kid out at UMass.
    OG....I don't see Neal coming back and Mankins may get away so this could be our greatest position of need.  Iupati of Idaho or Johnson of Alabama or if the come out Pouncey of Florida or even Claiborne of BC would all be good second round picks. Gotta take an OG with one of the first four picks.
    C....it seems they have a couple of young guys - Connolly and Ohmberger - that they might like enough to feel comfortable they have an eventual replacement for Koppen. Can't see using a top pick here but always worth taking a flyer on someone in lower rounds - maybe even the BC kid Tennant or the Texas kid Hall who has outstanding character.

    DT...of course it all depends on Wilfork's whereabouts. If he is here there is no great need with Pryor and Brace. But if Vince leaves and a Terrance Cody of Bama is available at end of first round Pats would have to think about it.
    DE.....None of the DE's in the draft excite me - maybe a Griffen of USC if he is there at end of 2nd - so I am hoping this is an area where the Pats target a quality free agent, maybe the Titans Vanden Bosch.
    ILB....With Mayo, Guyton and hopefully the injured McKenzie being a player, there doesn't seem a need here. And there is always Junior. But bringing in a veteran free agent like Barrett Rudd is always a good idea. If Brandon Spikes was still there in the second round you'd have to think about it. And I like the Baylor kid Pawlek in a lower round.
    OLB...If Burgess and Thomas are here there is not a need. But both have been more fizzle than sizzle so it wouldn't suprise me to see both gone. There are some quality free agents out there - Thomas Howard, Derrick Johnson and Aaron Kampmon come to mind. In the draft Bowman of Penn State and McClain of Bama are quality guys
    CB....I don't expect Bodden or Springs back, and Wheatley looks shakey, so this would be a position of need again. There will be a ton of free agents CB's to take a flyer on just as they have done the past few seasons. In the draft there doesn't seem anyone worth getting excited about in the first or second round. So a couple of vet free agents to back up Butler and Wilhite would seem the way to go.
    S....a team strength. No needs here unless they trade or cut Sanders and are looking for depth.

    this season is exciting...and the upcoming offseason figures to be as well. It's great to be a Patriots fan.
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    Re: 2010 Draft, Players gone?

    I dont see Faulk leaving.

    He will retire a Patriot!

    Who am I kidding I dont know what BB will do, but as far as "Gone for sure"...im not sure about that.  He would probably be the one player that they do decide to keep.
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    Re: 2010 Draft, Players gone?

    No way we let Kevin Faulk walk man no f*cking way. The guy is as importent as anyone in that locker room. Mankins wont be going anywhere and I am hoping we resign Wilfork. Shawn Springs signed a 3 year deal and has lived up to the money he is being paid. And Bodden could be back as well if we can resign him. I thought Watson was a goner but now him and Brady are hooking up so he could very well be resigned if he keeps playing the way he is. And who knows about Steve Neal he is exactly the kind of player who would take less money to stay with the team that made him who he is so he might not be gone either. Derek Burrgess is a goner no doubt he has not lived up to the trade at all and has been a no show. Adalius Thomas on the other hand might do more then we know behind teh scenes so I dont think we will cut him. And you forgot about Maroney, if Maroney doesnt start to play better he is a goner at the end of the season. And a guy like Fred Taylor could be cut for injury reasons and the same goes for Sammy Morris.
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    Re: 2010 Draft, Players gone?

    Springs signed a 3yr deal....OMG!!!

    Thats ridicoulos...what will it be 15yrs in the NFL by the end of that contract?

     If the Pats dont keep KF then he probably goes to Denver or KC.

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    Re: 2010 Draft, Players gone?

    im hoping that dez bryant doesnt go in this year but if he does hes definitaly top 20 pick, any1 think we'll pick em up?
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    Re: 2010 Draft, Players gone?

    No if's about it Kevin Faulk will retire a Patriot i would bet my life on it.

    Springs probally plays this year and next year and then gets cut or retires no way he finishes his career here. And if he wins a super bowl this year or next he will deffently retire once he has a ring and the same goes for Fred Taylor.
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