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    In Response to Re: 2010 Draft Talk : I agree totally that the Patriots will not keep all three 2nd round picks. I suspect they use their first with a second round pick to move up and get someone they really want to spend first round money on and then use another second to move into 2011's draft with likely multiple picks a second and 5th maybe as few will want to give up a 2011 1st round pick. With the uncertainty going into 2011 I expect two picks to be used in total out of the 4 picks in rounds 1 and 2.
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    I agree that the Pats will be very actively trading in this draft. Especially since a lot is expected between 2010 and 2011 as far as policy.  This past years draft was made pretty exciting trying to follow BB's trades.
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    Re: 2010 Draft Talk

    I have little or no chance of guessing which actual players will be picked.

    I have a great chance of forecasting where the second round picks will land.

    The Titans are one of six 0-3 teams.  I'll predict that the Titans pick will be about a #36 pick.  It cost New England a #89 pick in 2009.  Outstanding move up by BB. 

    The Jaguars are one of nine teams above the 0-3 teams at 1-2.  I'll predict that the Jaguars pick will be about a #43 pick.  It cost New England a #73 pick, and New England got a chump change seventh rounder in the deal too, which is how BB drafted Julian Edelman.  Excellent move up.

    In 2010 Richard Seymour will be playing for someone that isn't Oakland.  I don't see Jamarcus Russell developing into a top flight QB in the 2010 year, and Oakland has no successor lined up for Russell, or for their coach who will probably crash and burn soon.  Oakland will (charitably) be down in the 4-12 range in the 2010 season, and so the Oakland 2011 first round pick will come in at (charitably) the #3 pick in the whole draft.  With respect to Seymour's abilities, I like the Seymour trade.

    As for New England's assigned picks, let's just take the mulligan.  As likely as not, the 2010 first rounder might be as low as a #32 pick and the second rounder might be a #64 pick.  Happens around here.

    So, next year BB might have a #32, a #36, a #43 and a #64 to work with.  He loves early second rounders to death, but naturally he will be in hog heaven if anyone else offers a 2011 first rounder for one of these picks.