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2010 Mock Offseason

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    2010 Mock Offseason


    OL Dan Connolly- started some games at guard last year but better suited as a back up.. can also play center in a pinch

    LB Gary Guyton- started all 16 games at ILB this year and held his own..finishing 2nd on the team in tackles..also had 2 sacks...I think he can be the starter on this team but could get pushed by a healthy Tyronne McKenzie and a potential draft pick

    OLB Piere woods- only stays on the roster because of special teams play and mainly Wes Welkers injury keeps him on Alexander neVer panned out to be the guy at OLB but has been a solid special teams contributor

    K Stephen Gostkowski- One of the most consistent kickers in the league..will most likely be given the highest tender( 1 & 3)... re-signed long term during the season

    LG Logan Mankins- The most dominant member of our offensive line(also the most penalized) made his second trip to the probowl this year after opening up lanes and throwing punishing blocks...should be resigned to a long term deal

    RB Kevin Faulk- its either resign for a year or retire...and he us one more year to draft his replacement.

    OLB/DE Tully Banta-Cain - knows hell get the most out of himself here..takes less money to stay..2 yr deal

    CB Leigh Bodden-wants to play for a contender and has some unfinished business..will take a small discount to stay...3 yr deal

    OLB/DE: Derrick Burgess- didnt put up the numbers he was brought in for..but came on strong towards the end of the season...earned high praise from BB...wont find the money he was looking for on the open market he'll come back to new england at a discounted price..2 yr deal

    NT Vince Wilfork- The most important member of our defense, hands down....he needs to be resigned and to me is priority number 1...I dont think a deal will be agreed upon before the start of the FA so he will end up franchised but I wouldnt count on him staying that way for long.

    DE Jarvis Green- coming off a down year, which included surgery..someone will over for pay him

    P Chris Hanson- hasn't been consistent and there are plenty of punters in the draft

    TE Benjamin Watson- well seek more money than hes worth and he'll get it

    RB Chris Taylor- PS player that wont make the team

    RB Fred Taylor- we need fresh legs and Sammy Morris is cheaper

    S/WR Mathew Slater- although he was a great sp teams player, thats all he was and those guys arent too hard to find

    ILB Eric Alexander-never panned out to be that ILB we were looking for but played a significant role on sp teams ..can be replaced

    CB Shawn Springs-After a really slow start came on strong towards the end of the season, but costs to much to be a nickel back with Butler expected to start next year

    WR/ST: Sam Aiken - this was the hardest cut to make because he is such a ST presence...but his WR skills just arent up to par..with the addition of Osgood, Aiken became expendable..

    RG Stephen Neal- after winning Super Bowls and battling injuries Neal calls it quits...who would of thought the former wrestler would be so good

    LB Junior Seau- he wants to finally retired but idk I think if Bill calls with 2 games in December left he might come back 1 more time

    Tom Brady- He want to play till he 40 so give him a front-loaded 7 year extension

    Vince Wilfork- must be resigned hes not gonna take much of a discount but he is top priority give him a 5-6 yr deal

    Logan Mankins- Best guard we've had since Hannah needs to be locked up long term..give him a 5 yr extension..should take a discount

    Randy Moss- WR re ups for one more year(2011) and reducing his 2010 salary from 11.2mil


    WR Kevin Walter- Probably the best UFA free agent WR on the market for what were looking for...and for the right price...he was injured last year but is capable of putting up the numbers asked of our number 3 WR..I looked at other options such as Floyd and Moore but thought the asking price would be to high when Walter would be available at no cost..
    I even thought about T.O. which would make this offense scary..but decided that Walter, for what were looking for is the best option..unless Deion Branch is cut ..then Walters out and Branch is in .

    WR Kassim Osgood- ST beast ..I know we have Aiken but wants to be here, if he signs a short, cheap contract I dont see why we dont sign him...Tate and Welker will most likely start the season on the PUP so osgood could potentially fill the 4th or 5th receiver postition when we go 5 wide/spread offense...replaces Aiken as ST captain..

    TE-? I also believe they will bring in anothe veteran TE ..i just dont know who..looking at the pending UFA i dont see anyone the Pats would have interest in..while they my have interest in an RFA it would cost a pick and a new contract to do it...maybe some one gets released as a cap casualty..idk but i think some one is brought in
    TRADES(draft day)- NE keeps wheeling and dealing like last year...gathering picks for value and future considerations..

    NE trades 22  for MIN 30, 2010 3rd and a 2010 4th- Sam Bradford makes it by Jacksonville and Buffalo and falls to 22, where MIN trades up to get him.. with the uncertainty of Favre's status for the 2010 season, Travaris Jackson a RFA, and Sage Rosenfells as the impending starter the Vikes get their QB of the future while the pats accumulate more picks and move back in the draft.( i feel Bradford slips this far bacause I think in the first Was wont take him, Sea will take  Jimmy Clausen, Buf, and Jax will skip on him too...letting him fall to 22)

    NE trades 30, a 2010 7th, and OLB/DE Rob Ninkovich to DEN for 2010 2nd, 3rd and 2011 3rd- Bradford falling causes QB Colt McCoy to be available at pick 30..with teams picking at the top of the 2nd that could use QB's( STL, BUF WAS,CLE) DEN  decides to trade up to get a prospect they covet that would likely not make it to there pick..and similar to last year the Pats trade out of the first twice to stockpile future picks and value picks.(McCoy would be a great fit for McDaniels offense, and Orton is a RFA)


    1(NE) Traded to MIN

    1(MIN) Traded to DEN

    2(DEN) Jared Odrick DE Penn State 6-5 296- Great run defender..who can bring the heat, aggressive,instinctive player just the kind BB likes...had 11 tackles for a loss and 7 sacks.. can be the replacement for Seymour we lacked last year..

    2(JAX) Sergio Kindle OLB/DE Texas 6'4 255- We need pass rush an kindle is one of the best,   with Graham, Witherspoon, Sapp and others shooting up the bored, Kindle is able to slide into the second round..he didnt put up numbers he did his junior season..but still put up 5 sacks and 22 TFL... he is a leader on the field and is a menace to opposing quarterbacks..his experience in coverage is limited but has improved  over the 2009 season..will provide a great pass rush while hopefully devolping into a punishing runstuffer as well

    2(TENN) Mike Johnson OG Alabama 6-6 305- Another pick through the BB pipeline, this one from Nick Saban, Johnson is a Beast of a guard..while not rated the top 1 or 2 guard he is easily the 3rd or 4th best in the draft ...what he lacks is excellence in one area what he has is versatility(played both tackle and both guard positions), experience, smarts, and is a really good run and pass blocker..just not great at either but we have Scar so with a little coaching he could make us forget all about Neal

    2(NE)  Eric Norwood OLB/DE South Carolina 6'1 252 - the biggest thing about this kid that i like is consistency...he's done it for four years putting up big numbers in the SEC against some of colleges top competition ..has 29 carreer sacks putting up 7 in 2009 to go with 2 picks and 11.5 TFL..not great in coverage..but can hadle his own...can really get after the QB..can come in as a sub this year while taking Nink's role on ST

    3(DEN) Ryan Matthews RB Fresno St 5-11 220- Led the Nation in rushing yards with 1,800+ ,while piling up 19 TDs...also was named a 2nd team All-American...has the Pat Hill- BB relationship so is sure to come with good a speed and power back who ran for 6.6 yards per carry..he didnt play against top competition all the time but when he did he put up big numbers ...just the set of fresh legs we need in the backfield, which could be Maroney,Faulk, and Morris last year

    3(MIN) Demaryius Thomas WR Georgia Tech- Big, strong, physical WR, 6'3 229 ...he's a great blocker..and has good hands ..doesnt have the greatest speed and doesnt run the crispest routes but has the tools and upside to be a good WR at the next level

    4(NE) Micah Johnson ILB Kentucky 6-2 258- Although we drafted McKenzie last year and have Mayo and Guyton, Johnson here in the 4th is to hard to pass up hes a hard hitting run stuffing ILB who hopefully can develop into the Ted Johson style of player we've been missing in our LB core...he'll get some shared reps with Guyton and Mckenzie this year and take Alexanders spot on ST..Could be a diamond in the rough...

    4(MIN) Myron Rolle SS Florida State 6'1 217- took a gamble on sitting out a year and he wont get drafted as high as he wanted to but BB takes a chance on him in the obviously a very smart kid, he can cover sideline to sideline.and cover the pass very well...doesnt make a lot of high light plays but is a sure tackler...

    6(NE) Jimmy Graham TE Miami (FL) 6-8 260- every year BB takes on a Project or 2, and this years no different, last year it was Edelman and wrestler Jermail Porter..this year its 6-8 basketball star Graham..he has the skills he just needs them polished and if he can he will develop into one of Toms favorite red zone options..not to mention hes got hopsy Graham TE (Miami FL)

    7(NE) Traded to DEN

    7(PHI) O'Brien Schofield OLB/DE Wisconson 6'2 238- was tagged to go in the 3rd or 4th but a torn acl the first day of Senior Bowl he  may be undrafted but i think BB picks him up in the 7th and stashes him on IR for next season...this will be a make or break season for Crable and if he doesnt produce..Schofield may take his roster spot next year

    7(COMP)  Brandon James RB/WR/RS Florida 5'7 185- return man specialist.. who can bring some versatility on offense..pretty much takes over for Slater on ST..except he's more of a threat on offense

    7(COMP) Jay Ross NT South Carolina 6'3 315- Back up NT to stash on the PS

    7(COMP) Matt Dodge P North Carolina 6'2 220- we need a Punter and after Mesko I think hes the best..we might bring in a veteran in TC to challenge him but I ultimately think he is the punter of the future

    7(COMP) Chris Fisher C Louisiana-Lafayette 6'2 292 - shows good All-SunBelt first teamer.. as someone else said he held Ndamukong Suh sackless ...late rounder to stash on the PC for Scar to work with


    QB:Tom Brady, Brian Hoyer
    RB:Laurence Maroney, Ryan Matthews, Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk, BenJarvus Green-Ellis(FB)
    WR1:Randy Moss, Demaryius Thomas
    WR2(slot): Julian Edelman, Wes Welker(PUP)
    WR3:Kevin Walter, Kassim Osgood, Brandon Tate(PUP)
    TE:Chris Baker, Jimmy Graham
    OT:Matt Light LT, Sebastian Vollmer RT, Nick Kazcur, Mark Levoir
    OG:Logan Mankins LG, Mike Johnson RG, Dan Conolly, Rich Ohrnberg
    C:Dan Koppen, Ryan Wendell

    DE:Ty Warren LE, Jared Odrick RE, Mike Wright
    DT:Vince Wilfork NT, Myron Pryor, Ron Brace
    OLB:Tully Banta-Cain, Derrick Burgess, Sergio Kindle, Eric Norwood, Shawn Crable, Pierre Woods
    ILB:Jerod Mayo, Gary Guyton, Tyronne Mckenzie, Micah Johnson
    CB:Leigh Bodden, Jonathan Wilhite, Kyle Arrington
    SS:Pat Chung, Brandon McGowan, Myron Rolle
    FS:Brandon Meriweather, James Sanders
    CB:Darius Butler, Terrance Wheatly

    K:Steven Gostkowski
    P:Matt Dodge
    LS:Jake Ingram
    KR:Brandon James, Darius Butler
    PR: Brandon James


    George Bussey OL
    Bret Lockett DB
    Nick Moore WR
    Bruce Davis LB
    Jay Ross NT
    Darryl Richard DL
    Chris Fisher C
    Tyree Barnes WR

    I think the Pats will concentrate on signing a lot of their own FA , locking guys up long term and improving through the draft this year...there will not be many quality FA this off season as the CBA is set to expire and most will be RFA, so the Pats should look to get better by going after released players, UFA's and Trades...
    If certain players such as Reggie Bush or Deion Branch were released I would think that would affect the Pats moves, such as retaining Faulk and signing Walter...but I do not think they will be major spenders this off season
    They have a lot of core young players that just need time to grow and improve from there playing time...I dont think there are any team leaders or inspirational guys this FA to target anyways...if a new CBA is miraculously agreed upon before the start of FA, I can for see a lot more spending but as of rite now I just dont see it

    I used this website for draft rankings... [url][/url]
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    Re: 2010 Mock Offseason

    this is getting creepy
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    Re: 2010 Mock Offseason

    Junky- You already started this same exact thread!
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    Re: 2010 Mock Offseason

    I've got some issues with the draft choices, Jared Odrick got blown off the ball during senior bowl week. And Sergio Kindle is basically a stick running around with a bag of rocks in his head; if you think Crable is a skinny light weight, wait till you see this kid. Norwood is to short to play end and not enough of an athlete to play linebacker. I think Walter is to much of a slot guy and Guyton I think is better suited to play in the 43.