2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Faucet if it was a cap year the Pats would have penalties for releasing Light but because there's no cap in place they can release him and there are no cap penalties in place.

    Its opposite from what you point out, because it is an uncapped year it makes it more likely that if he can't be traded he'll be released.  Just because this is one of the richest teams in the league doesn't mean they are willing to have the highest paid roster in the league.  Light is do almost 5 mil next year, you can get some quality players for that.  If he is released or traded (IMO more likely) prior to the draft the Pats will be going after a stud OT. 

    If I'm not mistaken Adam the Pats love to have guards that can pull.  Having a huge OG is not how the Pats like their guards.  They like someone that can get in front of the RB and run to the second level. 
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Word is Light can only play LT and BB would never move him to another spot.  Vollmer is a natural LT and I see him taking over for Light whether it is now or after 2010.  Kazcur was just extended but I agree he could be upgraded at RT and used as a back-up.  Logan Mankins is a RFA and will stay at LG next year.  Koppen/Connolly will be at center or Connolly will shift to RG if Neal retires.  Ohrenbeger is a back up and won't start any time soon.  I would love to add a guy like Mike Iupati and bring some nastiness to the middle but I don't think he gets out of the first and I don't think we'd spend #22 on him even though he is rated that high.  Could be wrong though but I see bigger problems on the DL.

    I agree with your assessment at RB and would be surprised if we took one in the 1st.  But with three 2nds, it would not surprise me to take a Best, Dwyer and/or Mathews if any of them slip to us at 44.  Personally I'd like to hold off until the 4th and try Tate or Hardesty.  Again, the platoon thing worked as we were 12th in rushing last year.  The same players are under contract so I might look to fill other needs.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Pats7393 ,

    I think we are in agreement just saying it different ways.  IF there was a cap, we'd actually save $4.5 MM in cutting Light since he is in the final year of his contract.  He would cost the cap (if there was one), nothing.  Because there is no cap he can be cut and still cost the cap nothing.  So, in the case of Light the only issue is, "Is Light worth the $4.5MM he is due to earn in 2010?"

    I can't answer that because I don't know how highly BB and company value him.  If it was my money, he's be gone and Vollmer would be named the starting LT right now.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I do think NE will have interest in Micah Johnson.  Good size, SEC pedigree and has been a productive player.  I think it all depends on how teams view him, if they see him as a 3 down guy he could go in round 3, possible 2, if he's viewed as simply a 2 down thumper, then he'd probably drop to the middle rounds.

    The academic suspension may be a little bit of a concern as you wonder if the mental capacity is there to learn a complex defense and take schemes from the chalkboard to the field.  I'll have to do some research get more detail on the suspension.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    So you are telling me a team would take Matthews over a guy like Toby Gerhart?

    Guys like Best, Dwyer, and McKnight are guys that will go in the 2nd round.  Best may go in the 1st.

    I think Gerhart will go in the 3rd, and Matthews will be the next picked after him.

    This draft is so deep, that these running backs are going to fall farther than you think.

    Nobody in their right mind will pick a guy like Best or Dwyer, when let's say Taylor Mays, or Jerry Hughes is available late in the first.

    I just can't see him going in the second, I could see him going in the 3rd for sure, and definitely in the 4th, if not the 3rd.  Any earlier in the 3rd is a bad pick IMO.

    There are always differing opinions on this, so I don't intend to argue as much state how I feel about the guy, and how the rest of the class is compared to him.

    I don't think he's bad either, it's just a guy coming from a big name program with similar stats looks better.  He's coming from a WAC team who played nobodies all year.  The one good team was Cincinnati.  Every other game was 5.5 average per carry, against Cincinnati, was 3.8, which is still good, but even Cinci's D is nothing compared to what guys like Dwyer, Spiller, McKnight, Gerhart, Dixon were facing every game.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    "He's coming from a WAC team who played nobodies all year."

    The conference/schedule alone should not disqualify him.  Walter Payton went to Jackson State.  Jerry Rice went to Miss. Valley State.  (To name 2).  They turned out pretty well IMO.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    Gerhart is perhaps a tenth of a second slower in the 40 which is a lot.  I think much will depend on how these backs perform at the Combine, with the Wonderlick and interviews.  There could be a 1-2 round movement from where some of these guys are rated today.  Unless we could get Spiller in the first, or Best or Dwyer in the 2nd, I'd prefer we wait until the 4th or next year to get our featured back.  I think the 5 guys we have can get us through another season and remain a top 12 rushing offense.  We have too many other more pressing needs, especially with Welker out for most of the season and Watson perhaps leaving and that's only on offense.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I don't know how many Fresno ST. games you all got a chance to watch but I'm retired so I spent the College season watching every game I could. I would love too see Matthews and Ajirotutu wind up in New England, they are both very good players and Matthews is a beast. As for Toby Gerhart he is also a very good RB and he does everything a coach would want a back to do,he catches the ball well out of the backfield  and he blocks well but more importantly he's hard to tackle.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    Yes, I think Mathews will go before Gerhart.  IMO, he's the better overall prospect, he's more explosive, has better potential as an inside/outsider runner, has better big play potential and has better speed which could be in the 4.4 range for Mathews vs. the 4.6 range for Gerhart, guess we'll know more after the combine.

    If you're going to mention his 3.8 YPC against Cincinnati, you also have to mention that he had 38 carries for 145 yards (3.8), which shows that he can be a true workhorse type back.

    You also have to mention that he hung 234 and 3 TD's on Boise State (who was ranked 10th in the country at the time and ended the season undefeated and in the top 5) on only 19 carries with all 3 TD's coming on runs of 60 yards or more.

    Now this is no knock on Gerhart as I am a fan of his and would love it if he ended up in NE, I just think Mathews is the higher upside guy.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Here's another name for thought,Doug Martin RB,from Boise state. He spent the first 2 years as CB,and I believe he also played some Hybrid LB,but his last season he spent it as the #2 RB who just happened to be a better runner than the #1 RB
    on the Broncos.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    If NE goes OL in rd 1 a player that could be intriguting is Bryan Bulaga (6-5 315 OT) from Iowa, assuming he lasts that long (he's projected to go somewhere in the 2nd half of rd 1).  He's another big, tough quality OT generated by Kirk Ferentz's OL factory at Iowa.  Another possibility is Mike Iupati (6-5 335 OL)from Idaho who projects as the top OG available in this draft and I've seen it mentioned that he may get some looks at OT.  He's a big, tough, physical mauler who uses his hands well and plays with a mean streak.  He also has great feet, athleticism and is said to be an intelligent player, which would appeal to BB.  He looked good in Idaho's bowl game this year vs. Bowling Green.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

     Thats why Im going with "best available" , we need big help on both lines, and help at both OLB and ILB. Those to me, are first and early second round takes. I think there could be up to as many as 7 O-linemen taken in the first 35 picks, so if were going there we need to go early if were looking at a Tackle like a Bulaga or Cambell. If were going with Seabass and Light at tackles, then someone I really like is Mike Johnson from Alabama for guard. I think hes the best G available and I think we can get him with our 1st/2nd second round pick. Big, Smart, Athletic guy who IMO can play both sides if needed. Anyone else have any thoughts about him for our second round pick.  We could have really filled some needs last year with Maualuga or Laurinaitis at ILB and Matthews at OLB. If were lucky and play out cards right we  might have a chance at getting Spikes(ILB), Odrick(D-END), and Johnson(G). Im not sure if people are still screaming about OLB, sometimes I think they just want to sound like they know what their talking about. I think most of those guys projected at OLB will fall to late first, but I think most will be there for us in the second round. None of them impress me enough to be taken in the first, and none have seperated themselves from the rest of the pack. The guys I like the most are Bowman and Weatherspoon, both are versatile, athletic guys who can play multiple positions.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    to Bobgr8 and all those who want to trade the Oakland pick. SHUT UP!  I am tired of the whiney, clueless fans that know nothing!  Yes I am shouting and challenge any of you to show me where BB and the Pats would do this.  Please prove me wrong.  Can't, didnt think so.  Why would we specifically ask for a 2011 pick and then trade it into 2010.  That is just plain stupid and anyone that wants to, knows zero.  STOP playing Madden 2010 and learn real football and what the Pats really do each year. 
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I agree with Mordecail, it would be stupid to deal the 2010 1st pick. I think we could have gotten this years from Oakland if BB wanted it.

    What are you thoughts of drafting TE Gresham in the 1st or will he slip to the the 2nd round because of his knee injury?

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    aka I don't like the option of picking a TE in the first, IF the Pats stay at 22 it will be because someone fell into their lap.  A top 20 talent falling a bit but it would be IMO a OT, OLB or DE not a TE.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    If you like Tebow here's a mock for you, it explains why they are picking Tebow at 22!!!  I personally don't see any way this happens but crazier things have happened and I will go back the below
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    bobgr8  is right that BB and the Pats have not drafted well over the past few seasons.  This goes back well before the loss of Pioli.  Besides the draft a lot of dumb trades were made where we gave up too much to try and plug holes with second tier players like Gregg Lewis and Derrick Burgess.  We've also received not enough back for players like David Thomas, Ellis Hobbs and Mike Vrabel.  But some great trades were made too like getting Moss for a 4th and Welker and Dillon for 2nds.

    We unnecessarily moved up to take players who would have been there had we stayed put like Ron Brace, Matthew Slater, Kevin O'Connell and Chad Jackson to name a few.  We have not had a solid draft since 2005 IMO, especially in the early rounds.  Here's my grade and it's open for debate.  Not counting 2009 because it's too early to tell, I count 8 solid picks and 22 busts or questionable picks.  We have to do better than this especially in the first 3-4 rounds.

    2005 DRAFT GRADE A-
    1/32 Logan Mankins - HIT
    3/84 Ellis Hobbs - HIT
    3/100 Nick Kaczur - HIT
    4/133 James Sanders - HIT
    5/170 Ryan Claridge - BUST
    7/230 Matt Cassel - HIT
    7/255 Andy Stokes - BUST

    2006 DRAFT GRADE F
    1/21 Laurence Maroney - BUST for where drafted
    2/36 Chad Jackson - BUST
    3/86 David Thomas - BUST
    4/106 Garrett Mills - BUST
    4/118 Stephen Gostkowski - HIT
    5/136 Ryan O'Callaghan - BUST
    6/191 Jeremy Mincey - BUST
    6/205 Dan Stevenson - BUST
    6/206 LeKevin Smith - BUST
    7/229 Willie Andrews - BUST

    2007 (traded for Moss, Welker) DRAFT GRADE F
    1/24 Brandon Meriweather - HIT
    4/127 Kareem Brown - BUST
    5/171 Clint Oldenburg - BUST
    6/202 Justin Rogers - BUST
    6/202 Mike Richardson - BUST
    6/208 Corey Hilliard - BUST
    7/211 Oscar Lua - BUST
    7/247 Mike Elgin - BUST

    2008  Draft GRADE D
    1/10 Jerod Mayo - HIT
    2/62 Terrence Wheatley - Possible BUST
    3/78 Shawn Crable - Possible BUST
    3/94 Kevin O'Connell - BUST
    4/129 Jonathan Wilhite - Possible BUST
    5/153 Matthew Slater - Possible BUST
    6/197 Bo Ruud - BUST

    2/34 Patrick Chung - Too soon to tell
    2/40 Ron Brace - Possible Bust
    2/41 Darius Butler - Too soon to tell
    2/58 Sebastian Vollmer - HIT
    3/83 Brandon Tate - Too soon to tell
    3/97 Tyrone McKenzie - Too soon to tell
    4/123 Rich Ohrnberger - Too soon to tell
    5/170 George Bussey - Bust
    6/198 Jake Ingram - Too soon to tell
    6/207 Myron Pryor - HIT
    7/232 Julian Edelman - HIT
    7/234 Darryl Richardson - Bust
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    I really agree with your pick of Arenas. He was very active in the title game and had to learn the Saban system which I would think is not easy to do. Big hitter and smart who was an All-American at CB, I say he might fit in here very well. The JETS showed this year that a shut down corner can make the rest of the defense so much better. I don't think Arenas is that but who knows.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Personally I think Wilfork should be their primary focus during FA, without a big stout NT occupying and stacking multiple blockers at the LOS, the 3-4 just wouldn't be as efficient. 

    As for Mankins, I wouldn't be suprised if some team overpaid for him, offering more that BB and staff would care to spend on an OG.  I love him as a player, but he's not at a premium position so I doubt they'd go over market for him.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I'm starting to hope we just draft some 4-3 lineman this year and make the switch.

    No Bruschi, no Vrabel, probably no Thomas, good trade value for Wilfork.

    I'd even trade Wilfork for a top 2nd round pick, but maybe we could get a top 20 pick and take DT Price from UCLA.

    Then maybe take Dunlap at 22.

    Wright, Pryor, Brace, TBC, Price and Dunlap. Two offensive picks in the 2nd round, and then a 4-3 OLB with the other 2nd rounder. If Dunlap is unavailable, try to get Graham in the first or second.

    With the money saved from Wilfork and Thomas, get a stud WR or other offensive weapon, and focus on offense in FA in general.

    I'm not super confident about any of the 3-4 OLB prospects making a smooth and safe transition to the NFL. McGinist isn't in this draft, especially in our range.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Also, McKenzie isn't the answer next to Mayo, and his best fit is as a 4-3 OLB and backup MLB.

    Guyton is probably better suited for the same roles as McKenzie.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Isn't the 4-3 not as versatile as the 3-4 and therefore not the main Defense of BB teams?
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Suprisingly BB did utilize the 4-3 as his base defense for a period of time with Cleveland however he's had excellent long term success as both a DC and HC operating out of the base 3-4.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    It's versatile when you have the right players. We're not even close.

    We need a starting End, one or two OLBs, and one starting ILB, in addition to resigning Wilfork.

    That's 4 or 5 starters out of a front 7.

    Without rare studs like younger Vrabel and McGinist, I just don't think it really catches anybody off guard, and the league has caught up.

    There's something to be said for specialization. Let pass rushers just rush the passer from DE, without worrying about dropping back into coverage so much.

    The bust rate is lower for 4-3 players, who are easier to scout because the 4-3 dominates in college.

    I think Graham is going to be a liability when dropping back into coverage, and I think Kindle, Hughes, and Sapp are liabilities against the run.

    The glory days of 2001-07 are gone.

    Seymour is gone, Bruschi is gone, Ted Johnson is gone, Vrabel is gone, Roman Pfifer is gone, McGinist is gone, Thomas is likely gone, and Wilfork is at the end of his contract and due a huge payday.

    If ever there was a time for a transformation, this is it. 4 picks in the top 47, with more teams than ever competing for the same 3-4 scheme players.

    Wilfork has considerable trade value.

    I think it's definitely something worth thinking about. Our 3-4 defense was successful because we managed to acquire a ton of excellent players that fit the scheme. Back then, we were only competing with 1 or two other teams for 3-4 talent. Now we are competing with half the league.